Proposed loosening of coal ash rules draws overwhelming opposition at EPA hearing

Clutching a toy panda bear for comfort, 8-year-old Alivia Hopkins had traveled from Illinois to stand atop this chair in the Washington Ballroom of the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Arlington, Va.

A Daisy Scout, Hopkins wore badges on her sash, tassels on her knee socks and a bow in her hair. Before a panel of three Environmental Protection Agency officials, she peered over the podium and delivered a speech, imploring them not to weaken federal coal ash rules.


Even GOP-dominated Congress wouldn’t go along with this Trump scheme for U.S. workers

Imagine your life if your boss could arbitrarily—and legally—take away chunks of your paycheck after you earned it and keep that money for him or herself. As strange as it sounds, that was the basic idea enshrined in a recent Trump administration scheme to let restaurant owners take control over their employees’ tips – a scheme that ultimately went too far even for Republicans in Congress.


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