• NC proposes first-ever regulation of methyl bromide air pollution

    Tuesday, October 23, 2018

    Methyl bromide is invisible. A toxic air pollutant, it can’t be tasted or smelled. But when exposed to the gas, the body knows it has been violated.

    Depending on the frequency and degree of the exposure to the compound, the lungs may fill with fluid or grow lesions. The kidneys, liver and esophagus can suffer. A ...

Monday numbers: A closer look at early voting

Early voting has begun, and North Carolinians are turning out in droves at the polls. It’s a big year for the state’s midterm elections — voters get to decide if the GOP will keep its legislative supermajority and if six of their constitutional amendments will pass.


Trump’s irresponsible tax policies: Tillis defends, state constitutional amendment mimics

It’s one of the great ironies of modern American politics that it is so-called “conservatives” who have become the most ardent champions of what can only be described as hedonistic, live-for-today, instant gratification public policy. Think about it.