• GOP wants to move on, but Dems aren’t done with Mueller report

    Friday, April 19, 2019

    WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration want to move on from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, now that a redacted version of the report has been released to the public.

    But Democrats are just getting started.

    President Trump’s Attorney General William Barr offered a robust defense of President Trump Thursday morning ahead of the highly ...

PW exclusive: ‘Boy Erased’ author talks surviving conversion therapy in Durham

When a 19-year old Garrard Conley was sent to a “conversion therapy” program in 2004, it wasn’t something people discussed openly. “If you were to search for it on the Internet -- probably on Yahoo back then -- you would have gotten all these smiling pictures and testimonials from people saying how it worked for them, how they weren’t gay now and they were happy.”


Proposals to close the health insurance coverage gap should follow the data on what actually works

North Carolina’s dubious ranking of having the 10th highest rate of uninsured people in the nation continues to play out across the state in ways that challenge our collective well-being and community stability, even as it leads to worse health outcomes and diminished livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of our neighbors.