Will Charlotte heed the cries of AIDS orphans?

So much can be done for so little if world-class city cares about world


Special to the Observer

If circumstances forced us to support and personally care for a flood of orphans, could Charlotte cope? I asked myself this question a few weeks ago as I returned from a visit to Uganda, a country under siege from HIV, where there is a growing trend of children losing one or both parents to AIDS.

I took the trip with a leadership council for the non-profit organization Save the Children. My goal was to see and hear first-hand the ravages of and responses to HIV/AIDS, then return home to share impressions of what can be done.

When I first arrived in the capital, Kampala, I was at a loss — speechless to set foot in the land Winston Churchill dubbed the "pearl of Africa" and coming face to face with some of the country’s 1.7 million HIV/AIDS orphans. (more…)

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