Pointers to the straight and narrow for the lost

Pointers to the straight and narrow for the lost

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Andrea Weigl,
Staff Writer

About a dozen inmates are gathered in a classroom in small groups, debating ways to exemplify the attributes of their self-devised ethical code.

The code includes caring, respect, honesty, tolerance, fairness, integrity, loyalty and trustworthiness. At the moment, they are discussing how to act in a respectful manner.

"That means saying ‘yes, ma’am’ and ‘no, sir’ when you are talking to people older than you," said Mickey A. Phipps, 42, a murderer doing life at Harnett Correctional Institution.

"Being clean, but maybe that’s self-respect," suggests Ronald M. Bullock, 25, serving time for attempted armed robbery. (more…)

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