A fresh chance for lagging kids

A fresh chance for lagging kids

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Cape Fear Community College commendably stepped up when UNCW retreated from an opportunity to start an early-college high school.

It’s unfortunate that UNCW didn’t work out some of the problems of such an arrangement – space and safety concerns among them. CFCC grapples with the same issues, but administrators say they’re committed to a timetable that would see the program start in fall 2007.

The school will target New Hanover County students who lack direction but not potential. Their success or failure could hinge on how much attention and motivation they receive. It’s clear that the traditional high school model has failed many of those borderline students, and we need to try something else.

In this school and several others in the region, the carrot at the end of four or five years will be college credit and a head start on their peers in higher education or the job market.

The early-college high school will likely be on CFCC’s North Campus, which has more room than the crowded, parking-scarce campus downtown. Students will help decide whether – and if so, which – extracurricular activities will be offered. That’s another way to get bored kids engaged. (more…)

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