A visitor of some influence

A visitor of some influence

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Three of the faces were familiar to Henderson.

State Sen. Doug Berger and Reps. Jim Crawford and Michael Wray certainly know there way to Vance County, over major roads – nobody can call Interstate 85 through Vance County a “good road” – and back roads. Berger cruises up from Youngsville and Wray motors over from his home in Gaston with relative regularity for “non-local” local politicians. And Crawford has been a fixture in the Henderson and Vance County business scene despite living a county over, in Oxford.

But Sen. Marc Basnight was a relative newcomer, and his presence in Henderson was of no small importance.

Basnight is the president pro tempore of the North Carolina Senate. The Democrat represents the coastal counties of Beaufort, Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde, Pasquotank, Tyrrell and Washington, and probably has little occasion to venture over to Vance except perhaps when taking the I-85/I-95 corridor from Raleigh to visit even bigger-wigs in D.C.

On Thursday, Basnight got an eyeful of Henderson, the good and the bad. (more…)

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