Inside Politics: Plant closing profitable for Hayes

The Marlboro Man is leaving North Carolina. On his way out he emptied his pockets, leaving a fistful of dollars for U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes.

How much?

Between $32,000 and $141,000 in stock profits, alleges the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The profits came as Altria stock prices rose after announcing that the Philip Morris plant in Concord would close.

“We’re not singling Hayes out for owning stock,” said Kyra Jennings, the campaign committee’s regional press secretary. “The point is he is out of touch and doesn’t know what losing a job feels like.”

The decision to close Philip Morris’ Concord plant “lined his pocketbook,” Jennings said.

Jennings’ job is to make Hayes look bad. The committee has targeted North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District, investing time, money and as much publicity as it can generate to oust Hayes, a six-term Republican.

On Monday, the committee is starting a five-day ad campaign targeting Hayes and 13 other Republicans. The focus is their records on veterans’ care.

“Constituents deserve to know that the Republican record on veterans is all talk and no action,” said committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen. “American troops and veterans deserve more than patriotic speeches this Independence Day.” (more…)

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