In support of SB 3

In support of SB 3

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By Ellen Ruff July 31, 2007 12:15 am

North Carolina is poised to become a leader in energy policy – to the benefit of our citizens, our environment and our economy for generations.

Pending energy legislation in the North Carolina General Assembly would create a renewable portfolio standard for our state. The measure also promotes energy conservation and helps manage the cost of new power generation to ensure we have the reliable electricity our growing state relies on. Duke Energy supports this legislation and is strongly committed to more use of renewables and energy efficiency.

The comprehensive energy bill represents a balance of diverse interests. Credit should be given to the group of more than 70 stakeholders who reached consensus to help create the measure. Members of the environmental community, business and customer groups worked for months to find common ground and make recommendations for the bill which passed the state Senate 45 to 2 and is now being considered in the House.

Unfortunately this important debate is being distorted by misunderstanding and misinformation. (more…)