Latino values clear, but the voter rolls are not

Latino values clear, but the voter rolls are not

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Henry Cisneros says the future of the Democratic Party lies with Latinos.

The former Cabinet secretary said Friday that the country's growing Hispanic population in the United States will be a vital constituency in the future. He said that the surge won't change the party's issues much because they are already "part of the American dream."

"There are very few issues where the Latino interest diverges from the traditional American interest," he told Dome. "This is a group that comes here to work, that is traditional in its family values, in its church values."

A supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Cisneros was traveling in North Carolina and making appearances on local Spanish-language radio on her behalf.

Still, Clinton won't win too many votes from Hispanics in North Carolina. According to recent figures from the State Board of Elections, there are 41,897 Hispanic voters, or less than 1 percent of the electorate.

But Triangle Community Foundation President Andrea Bazan-Manson, who was traveling with Cisneros, said that number may be undercounted because voters gained a box to check noting that they are Hispanic only in the past three years.

"All of us that registered 15 years ago didn't have a choice," she said. (more…)