McCrory, Perdue spar over lottery

McCrory, Perdue spar over lottery

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By David Ingram

Gubernatorial candidates Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory tussled Wednesday over McCrory's willingness to repeal North Carolina's lottery.

Perdue, the Democratic nominee, highlighted McCrory's answers in March to a candidate questionnaire from the conservative N.C. Family Policy Council. The questionnaire asked, “Should the law that authorizes a state sponsored lottery in North Carolina be repealed?”

McCrory, a Republican and Charlotte's seven-term mayor, answered “Yes.” He then elaborated: “Repeal would be good but difficult since money has already been committed and budgeted for future years.”

Perdue's campaign said rolling back the lottery would create a $350 million hole in the state's education budget. In a news release, Perdue spokesman David Kochman accused McCrory of ducking the topic Wednesday in Asheville, where both candidates spoke to a group of school administrators.

“Pat McCrory wants to repeal the lottery – he just doesn't want North Carolina's educators to know it,” Kochman said.

McCrory's campaign responded that he has been consistent on the lottery – preferring repeal but recognizing the budget complications that such an effort would cause. He has called for limiting advertising, such as the times when television ads can be shown. (more…)