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BTC Reports on Governor’s precariously balanced budget

When Governor Beverly Perdue released her first proposed state budget on March 17, 2009, most advocates breathed a sigh of  relief. The budget calls for relatively few cuts in state programs and services and no furloughs or pay cuts for state employees. A closer look, however, reveals the trade off is a precariously balanced budget that the General Assembly is unlikely to accept in its entirety. The governor's plan would close the estimated $3.4 billion budget gap with federal stimulus funds, spending reductions and tax increases on alcohol and tobacco products. The following issue of BTC Reports analyzes the governor's proposed budget in detail with a special focus on the potential impacts on low- and moderate-income North Carolinians and the long-term fiscal health of the state.

Click here to read the BTC Reports analysis, THE GOVERNOR'S BUDGET PROPOSAL: Spending cuts limited but the plan overall is precariously balanced [2] .