Friday’s Folly

Friday’s Folly

- in Fitzsimon File

That crazy communist Barack Obama is at it again. Creating death panels to kill our grandmothers is not enough. Now he wants to turn every school kid in America into a Marxist.  That's right. In his address directly to school kids Tuesday, Obama plans to encourage them to study hard and stay in school.

It's like he is channeling Joseph Stalin.

Thank goodness those bulldogs on the Right are on alert for such covert Soviet-style attempts to indoctrinate our youth.  Next thing you know, he will tell them to eat right and get some exercise, just a step away from totalitarianism.

The host substituting for Rush Limbaugh this week said Obama was trying to create a cult of personality like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-il. He's on the right track. If Rush had been there, he would have told us exactly what was going on, that it is Vladimir Lenin that Obama's trying to follow.

Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer said he is "appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama's socialist ideology."

The columnist Michelle Malkin, another dedicated soldier in the war against our freedoms, points out that this isn't the first time leftists have gone after our kids.

"Schools have used students as little lobbyists on everything from illegal immigration to gay marriage to anti-war activism, and most recently, census collection, Malkin says. "Will Obama be able to resist issuing a call to youth arms to marshal help in passing his legislative agenda?"

Good question. I'm sure she will be parsing every word for us to find out.

One of Obama's comrades at the White House says the Czar-in-chief will "call for a shared responsibility and commitment on the part of students, parents and educators to ensure that every child in every school receives the best education possible."

That's a government-run, socialist-based, anti-freedom education. How could it not be with all that talk of sharing?

It is not just national Republicans rushing to protect our very way of life. State GOP Chair Tom Fetzer is on the warpath too, saying the speech has no place in the classroom.

Fetzer says the classroom materials sent to teachers to use with the speech "have the White House's fingerprints all over them."

One of the documents suggests that teachers might conduct a "listening with purpose" exercise based on the following ideas: personal responsibility, goals, and persistence.  "Listening with purpose?"  Do you need any more evidence of what is happening?

Don't be misled when the fellow travelers point out that both President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush spoke directly to students when they were in the White House. As our friends at the John Birch Society reminded us, the elder Bush was a member of the Trilateral Commission and committed to a one-world government.

Some schools across the country are finally awakening to the spreading red menace and not broadcasting the speech after encouragement from the ever vigilant talk show hosts on the right, who are always on the lookout for even a trace of what we shouldn't hear, like talk of Darwin, or fossils, or who knows what.

A columnist at Fox warns us that "around the world, there is a lot of evidence that governments frequently use almost every opportunity that they have to instill the desired views in children."   

The battle against the red tide won't be over after this speech, it will be just beginning.  Some of us should get busy now trying to stop other efforts to warp the minds of our kids, like the annual Easter egg roll on the White House grounds where sharing is known to be rampant. 

And what kind of lesson is that for children, that they can get something, in this case Easter eggs, for nothing? 

Oh, and those might not be smiley faces your kids are drawing. They look an awful lot like a version of the hammer and sickle to me.

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