Blue Cross Anti-Reform Postcards Strike Back

Blue Cross Anti-Reform Postcards Strike Back

Last Friday at the Progressive Pulse, we reported on NC Blue Cross' statewide nasty postcard campaign aimed at Senator Hagan.  The postcards are meant for people to fill out and are postage paid to go to Hagan's office with a message against a public health care option and "government-run" health care.

  Just since last night, I've heard from many people all over North Carolina outraged that their premium dollars are being used to fund a scurrilous effort to try and block commonsense health reform.  The answer?

  Strike back using Blue's own postcards and hijack Blue's own campaign!

  The postcards are prepaid to send to Senator Hagan's office.  Simply take a bright red pen or marker and write clearly in large print on the postcard over the innuendo:  

Sorry Blue Cross. I support affordable health plans and a public health plan option!

  Then send the postcard in and we can feel good that NC Blue Cross is paying to deliver our message to Senator Hagan.  Second, we will make sure that Senator Hagan's office knows that many of the postcards coming in will be marked with our messages.  This will anger Blue Cross and hobble their efforts.

  Let's not just get mad at NC Blue's outrageous actions against desperately-needed health reform – Let's strike back!