The Follies

The Follies

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Burns makes his reasons clear

Wake County School Superintendent Del Burns talked more today about his decision to resign in an interview with WTVD. He is leaving because of the push by the new Gang of Five majority to resegregate the schools.

Here's a paragraph from the WTVD story that makes it clear.

"Burns said Thursday that creating exclusively neighborhood schools would most likely mean a return to segregated schools. And, he said there would be disparity between rich schools and underprivileged schools. He said it was not something he could go along with."

Burns is right of course. Maybe his resignation will spark even more outrage about the determination of the new board to dismantle a school system that 94.5 percent of parents are satisfied with according to a recent survey.

File this one under duh

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr will be the featured speaker at legislative conference of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers in Washington next month. There's a real shocker.

The only thing more appropriate would be Burr delivering the keynote at a pharmaceutical industry convention, but the year is still young.

Where's Fetzer's counterpart?

State Republican Chair Tom Fetzer this week again called on the State Board of Elections to investigate Governor Beverly Perdue for possibly improperly reporting flights on corporate jets during last year's campaign.

Perdue, who has reported some flights, says there is nothing else to find and brushed off Fetzer's attack as political theater. The State Board has already launched an investigation based on earlier complaints, so the allegations will be resolved one way or another.

But the episode has some Raleigh insiders wondering what's going on at the State Democratic Party headquarters. Fetzer is on television attacking Democrats almost every week, and though most of his attacks don't amount to much, he is aggressively playing the traditional role of a party chair, using his position to try to score political points in an election year.

State Democratic Party officials rarely appear in the media to defend Perdue or to launch attacks of their own on Republican elected officials like Senator Richard Burr, Rep. Virginia Foxx or Rep. Sue Myrick. It's not like there is a lack of material. Wonder why the Democratic Party is all of a sudden so media shy?

More evidence of the high-minded debate

In case you are wondering about the level of the dialogue on some of the country's leading mainstream media websites, here is a comment from a North Carolinian on the Washington Post site in response to a story about the retirement of a number of House members and what effect that could have on the fall elections.

"I wish my congressman BRAD MILLER (D-NC) would resign, or have a heart attack, or die in car accident, or anything else equally beneficial to NC taxpayers."

Lovely, and brings to mind Locke Foundation employee Jeff Taylor who a couple of years ago wrote on the group's Charlotte blog that a state official should go to hell and then followed up with this. "You know you deserve it, and so does your wife. Die you worthless bastard."

From the Fringe

Speaking of Mr. Taylor, he makes an appearance in this week's From the Fringe for a headline of a recent post about U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder coming to Charlotte. Taylor's headline says "Terrorist lovin' Eric Holder coming to town."

The Locke Foundation staff person in Charlotte not only wants people he doesn't like to die, he believes that the Attorney General of the United States loves terrorists.

Jay Schalin of the Pope Center to Dismantle Public Higher Education includes an interesting lament in a mostly positive assessment of the work of Erskine Bowles as head of the UNC system.

Schalin thinks Bowles did pretty well in his reign except for one glaring omission. "He also never approached the single biggest problem in the university system: the left-wing ideological bias that dominates the modern campus."

Maybe it is time to reinstitute the loyalty oath. That would flush out the commies.

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