Compromises on voter ID and charter schools?

Compromises on voter ID and charter schools?

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At his joint press conference this morning with Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, House Speaker Thom Tillis said that House Repubs are working with the Democratic caucus and the Governor’s office to develop “bipartisan” compromise versions of the controversial voter ID and charter schools bills.

On the voter ID bill, Tillis said that there would be a “committee substitute” advanced this week in House Elections Committee and that “unexpected people” would support the legislation. There is no indication at this point, however, that supporters of the legislation have attempted to seriously address the concerns of the advocacy coalitions that have mobilized in opposition to what they term the “Voter Suppression act 

House Majority Leader Paul Stam also showed up at the meeting to say that he had met last night with the Senate sponsor of the charter schools bill, Senator Richard Stevens and House Democratic point person, Rep. Rick Glazier. He did not say, however, that he expected movement on the charters bill this week,.

Glazier should be able to provide an update on the matter when he speaks at an NC Policy Watch Crucial Conversation luncheon on charters tomorrow at noon in downtown Raleigh.

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