Repubs ram school accreditation bill through committee

Repubs ram school accreditation bill through committee

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“If you don’t like what judge says about your performance, find another judge” — that’s the message sent by House Republicans this morning as they advanced a bill to set up a new state high school accreditation system in the Department of Public Instruction. 

The debate was sparked by controversies in Wake and Burke Counties where highly questionable school board actions have led to threats from national accrediting agencies that they would remove accreditation.

The bill passed this morning would allow local school boards to contract with a new office in DPI to perform separate accreditation reviews that the state’s colleges and universities would be obliged to accept.

Critics of the bill raised several issues — including the amazing about-face of conservative lawmakers who always bash DPI now setting up a new DPI bureaucracy and the negative message sent by North Carolina, in effect, endorsing an “opt-out” by local school boards of national or regional accreditation standards.

The bill now moves to House Appropriations where some who voiced concern this morning said they hoped the bill could be amended.

Stay tuned.

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