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The Follies


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The absurd claims about the Republican budget made by the Civitas Institute and Americans for the Prosperous in their slick “Real Solutions” television ad this week are not only misleading, they are a confession of sorts.

The Pope machine created the ad and the slick website that supports it to counter all the claims that the Republican-led General Assembly fired teachers and teacher assistants in the budget it passed last year.

That’s true of course.  The budget did fire teachers and teacher assistants, as Thursday’s Fitzsimon File [2] and this thorough post [3] on the Progressive Pulse by the N.C. Budget and Tax Center explain in great detail.

But think about why the folks on the Right, (most likely one person) are spending half a million dollars to distort the record about their education budget.

It’s an admission that they know the public doesn’t agree with their efforts to dismantle public schools.  And that’s clearly their goal and there’s plenty of evidence to prove it.

The Republican legislature approved allowing for-profit virtual charter schools in North Carolina and a questionable company has already formed a partnership with Cabarrus County to create one.

House Majority Leader Paul Stam has said that he wants to do away with traditional public schools and he has introduced legislation for vouchers to make it happen.

Several charter schools in North Carolina are already run by out of state private companies. Stam has also said that his dream is that every school in North Carolina would become a charter school.

Firing teachers and teacher assistants and slashing budgets is only the beginning.

The folks on the Right are working hard every day to undermine public education, from preschool to the university system. They just don’t want to talk about it because they know the majority of people in North Carolina don’t agree with them.

That’s what this ad campaign is all about, trying to hide their extremist anti-education agenda by twisting and distorting the budget numbers.

Five-hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money, more than enough to pay the salary of a dozen starting teachers for a year, where they could actually help kids and families.

But that’s not their goal.  The Pope groups are spending 12 teacher salaries to cover up the fact that the Republicans fired almost a thousand teachers and another 2,000 teacher assistants.

They are determined to tear down public education, but they know they will have to lie to stay in power to do it.

A Republican and Locker weighs in on Rush

Most prominent Republicans in North Carolina have been disturbingly silent about Rush Limbaugh’s disgusting attacks on Georgetown University grad student Sandra Fluke, who testified in Washington about the need for insurance policies to cover birth control.

Limbaugh called Fluke a slut and a prostitute and demanded that she post sex tapes so Limbaugh could watch.

The offensive comments ignited a national firestorm of protest against Limbaugh with many companies pulling their advertising off his radio show. Limbaugh issued a tepid apology for his remarks but it did little to quell the controversy.

No word from Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory or House Speaker Thom Tillis about Limbaugh’s comments (maybe somebody should ask them what they think) but Republican congressional candidate Carl Mumpower has weighed in.

Mumpower, a former member of the Asheville City Council and current board member of the John Locke Foundation, said he agreed with Limbaugh and that the radio host was wrong to apologize.

The Asheville Citizen-Times reports that Mumpower wrote in his newsletter that Fluke is a slut and then asked this question.

“Don’t you love the way the left makes an anti-government slogan out of ‘Keep your hands off my uterus’ and then uses government to force us to fund birth control so others can use that uterus as a toy?”

Maybe even scarier is that when Mumpower is not running for office he is a family psychologist.

Crickets on the Right

There hasn’t been much on the blogs over on Right Wing Avenue about the stock market recently. Many of the Pope, Inc. bloggers have weighed in often over the last few years when the market dropped, blaming President Obama of course.

Just over a year ago, one Locke blogger said she felt sick watching the market tumble and blamed “government intervention” for the fall.

Now the market is higher than it has been since 2007, before the bottom fell out of the economy.  And there’s not a word from Lockeville.

That is not to say that all is well in the economy, far from it as the recent County Snapshot report from the N.C. Budget and Tax Center made clear.

But the market is one indicator that things might be improving and with a presidential election in the fall, that’s the last thing the folks on the Right want people to think about.