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McCrory’s adviser understands frustration with cuts McCrory says weren’t made

Governor Pat McCrory bristles when people point out the damaging cuts to public schools in the budget that his friends in the General Assembly passed this summer and that he enthusiastically signed.

But the cuts were made. McCrory and the General Assembly spent over $100 million less than the Office of Management and Budget, headed by none other than Art Pope himself, told lawmakers it would take to keep schools funded at the same level as last year.

They spent over $500 million less on public education than lawmakers spent in 2007-2008 when you adjust for inflation.  That’s why thousands of teacher assistants have been laid off, hundreds if not thousands of teacher positions were eliminated, classes are bigger and funds for supplies and school buses and textbooks have been slashed.

The deep education cuts are mostly likely part of the reason McCrory’s approval ratings took a nosedive—that and all the shenanigans at DHHS led by the Secretary he continues to praise.

The more people find out about the slash and burn budget, the angrier they get.

That’s why the television commercial featuring McCrory defending his record that was paid for by secret wealthy donors is still running, trying to convince us that the budget actually increased funding for education.

McCrory and his supporters are clearly panicked about the political impact of their education budget. That’s why they are so desperately misleading voters about it.

But McCrory’s education adviser Erick Guckian did not get the memo, at least according to a news account of his recent visit to an elementary school in Greenville.

The Greenville Daily Reflector reported that Guckian said “the administration understands teacher frustration with the recent budget cuts and asked all stakeholders to work together.”

The recent budget cuts? McCrory says in his commercial that he actually increased spending on public schools. That is their key talking point, that there were not cuts in the budget at all, that they spent more on education.

How can McCrory’s own education adviser understand the frustration with the cuts that McCrory says were not made?

Somebody apparently missed a meeting.

Putting things in perspective

National and local media outlets and pundits of all persuasions have dissected the absurd federal government shutdown in Washington from almost every possible angle, so there’s not a lot more to say.

But if you want one sentence that sums things up, here’s a pretty illustrative one from the folks with the far-right advocacy group ForAmerica who are apparently beside themselves that the shutdown is over and that the nation did not default on its debts. 

They are mad at President Obama of course and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but they are most upset at Republican leaders in Congress, primarily Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Here’s the sentence from an email the group sent out Friday morning, referring to McConnell.

“This man has to go for the good of the country. That’s why ForAmerica is taking the lead to expose his liberal record.”

There’s something to look forward to, a detailed explanation of the “liberal” voting record of that known leftist Mitch McConnell.

From the fringe

And speaking of the fringe, the folks at Lockeland had an interesting headline on a blog post lamenting the results of the Wake School Board elections last week, in which progressive candidates carried the day in the nonpartisan elections.

The headline read “Democrats Solidify Their Hold On Wake County Parents.” 

Their hold on parents?   They won an election. That means people voted for them to represent their interests on the Wake County Board of Education. 

What a weird take on democracy they have over there on Right Wing Avenue when they lose.