Your Soapbox — On the Chopping Block: Elderly and disabled speak up about state budget cuts putting lives at risk

Your Soapbox — On the Chopping Block: Elderly and disabled speak up about state budget cuts putting lives at risk

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Lou M. Longest, or “Miss Lou”, mother of Margaret Toman, at 96 years old. Toman’s mother has Alzheimer’s and turns 101 this year. Read more from Toman’s personal account about how government grants to adult services has helped their lives.

Legislative leaders with the state Senate proposed massive cuts last week to the state’s Medicaid and other health and human services programs that serve the poor, disabled and elderly. The cuts include eliminating Medicaid coverage for nearly 12,000 elderly blind or disabled people and a $1 million reduction to a popular program that delivers meals and provides in-home health services to the elderly.

We want to hear more from people and their families who stand to be affected. What are your experiences? We want to hear from you. Tell us your story using the submission form here. You can also reach reporter Sarah Ovaska at (919) 861-1463 or [email protected].

Personal stories from people and their families who stand to be affected by budget cuts:

Senate and House Budgets harm all citizens

The senate and house budget proposals do more than harm teachers, elderly and disabled. The senate budget requires counties to pay a higher percentage of the budget for some state agencies such as the NC Department of Agriculture. If the senate proposal passes, in some instances counties would pay 50-60% of the budget for the agency operating ... [ More ]


Why are we cutting funding to people who need it the most???

I'm medically retired (3-1/2 years). I'm lucky that I have Medicare and the State Health Plan. December 31, 2010 - I lost my insurance coverage under COBRA. I went for a year without insurance coverage. I didn't qualify for Medicaid since I had over $2500.00 in the State Retirement system. I had to fight tooth and nail to get help. Every ... [ More ]


Cuts to Medicaid Will Devastate the I/DD Population and Particularly My Son's Quest for Independence

Yes, I am on a rant. For 25 years, I have fought school systems and the system in general. I have fought for one of many reasons. The one reason is my 25-year-old son, David Maennle, who has Down Syndrome. The many are his cohorts who likewise have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. David has been one of the lucky ones. He was approved ... [ More ]


"Love is having the courage of your tenderness."

For the past 14 years I have been the sole caregiver for my mother, who will turn 101 in November and who has advanced Alzheimer's Disease. She lives with me. For the past eight years she has attended adult daycare five days a week thanks to the Home and Community Care Block Grant now under threat of funding cuts. Her attendance there made it ... [ More ]

-Margaret Toman

"It gave me a whole different way of life"

Randolph Reid remembers what it was like before he began going to PACE of the Triad, an inclusive-care day program Greensboro for the elderly and infirm. He relied on oxygen nearly full-time and was isolated in his home, with his health and disabilities preventing him from living an engaged life. Then Reid began using services at PACE of ... [ More ]

-From an interview with Randolph Reid

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