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Updated maps: Where judges land in judicial redistricting bill to be considered by Senate

Few issues in the North Carolina’s contentious policy wars have been more consistently front and center during the past year than the future of the state judiciary.

The battle was first joined during a series of special legislative sessions that were called  after the 2016 election and has continued to the present day.

In September, during yet another special session and in anticipation of its consideration by the House Select Committee on Judicial Redistricting, NC Policy Watch prepared [1] and analyzed the effects of a proposed judicial redistricting bill (House Bill 717 [2]) and the new maps it would have enacted.

Since that time, however, the House has passed a new version of HB 717 containing different maps that the Senate is expected to consider in January. Indeed, some Senators have already considered [3] the maps in the latest version of HB 717 without access to full information about which judges and counties would be affected by the redrawing of judicial and prosecutorial districts.

Since new shapefiles were released, Policy Watch has recreated the newest maps with updated information about current sitting judges – this includes “double-bunkings” in which incumbent judges would be forced to run against each other in an election.

All of the information contained in the maps is public – judges and district attorneys must be registered to vote through the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement to run for office.

Since the new maps were passed by the House in HB 717, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger has appointed [4] a Senate Select Committee on Judicial Reform and directed it to “consider all options” on how North Carolina selects its judges, including “the House’s judicial redistricting bill, merit selection models [5], retention elections, and, if we maintain a system of elections, their frequency and partisan structure.”

In order to assure that senators (and the public at-large) have access to full and complete information as the consideration of the latest proposal moves forward, the team at Policy Watch has used publicly available data from the Administrative Office of the Courts to generate several statistics regarding the impact of those new maps on the judiciary. Here are some of the key findings:

District Court:

25% of all current district court judges are double-bunked in the new proposed map.

43% of all Black or African-American district court judges are double-bunked. This includes 44% of Black or African-American females and 39% of Black or African-American males. Currently, 20% of district court judges are Black or African-American (13% are Black or African-American females and 7% are Black or African-American males).

31% of female district court judges are double-bunked.

100% of Hispanic female judges are double-bunked (there is only one).

Superior Court:

27% of all current superior court judges are double-bunked in the new proposed map.

18% of all Black or African-American superior court judges are double-bunked. This includes 25% of Black or African-American females and 11% of Black or African-American males. Currently, 17% of superior court judges are Black or African-American.

100% of all American Indian or Alaskan Native superior court judges are double-bunked (there is only 1)

32% of female superior court judges are double-bunked

District Court Double Bunkings

12CNew HanoverJ.H. Corpening IIWhiteMaleDemocrat
12CNew HanoverRobin Wicks RobinsonWhiteFemaleDemocrat
12CNew HanoverMelinda Haynie CrouchWhiteFemaleDemocrat
12CNew HanoverJeffrey Evan NoeckerWhiteMaleDemocrat
12CNew HanoverRichard Russell DavisWhiteMaleDemocrat
15ACumberlandToni S. KingAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
15ACumberlandTiffany Marie WhitfieldAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
15ACumberlandDavid Hampton HastyWhiteMaleDemocrat
15ACumberlandRobert J. Stiehl IIIWhiteMaleDemocrat
15ACumberlandCheri S. Siler-MackAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
15ACumberlandApril M. SmithAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
16Hoke, MooreJayrene R. ManessWhiteFemaleRepublican
16Hoke, MooreStephen Anthony BibeyWhiteMaleRepublican
16Hoke, MooreDon W. Creed Jr.WhiteMaleRepublican
16Hoke, MooreMichael A. StoneWhiteMaleRepublican
16Hoke, MooreRegina M. JoeAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
10BDWakeKris D. BaileyWhiteMaleRepublican
10BDWakeJefferson Glenn GriffinWhiteMaleRepublican
10BDWakeKeith O’Brien GregoryAfrican-AmericanMaleDemocrat
10BDWakeAnna E. WorleyHispanicFemaleDemocrat
10BDWakeDebra Ann Smith SasserWhiteFemaleDemocrat
10BDWakeRobert Blackwell RaderWhiteMaleDemocrat
10BDWakeMahsaman S. HamadadaniUnknownFemaleDemocrat
10BDWakeAshleigh Parker DunstonAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
18ADurhamJames T. HillWhiteMaleRepublican
18ADurhamDoretta L. WalkerAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
18ADurhamFrederick S. Battaglia JrWhiteMaleDemocrat
22EGuilfordAvery Michelle CrumpAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
22EGuilfordMark Timothy CummingsAfrican-AmericanMaleDemocrat
22EGuilfordAngela Cheryl FosterAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
22EGuilfordLora C. CubbageAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
22DGuilfordK. Michelle FletcherWhiteFemaleDemocrat
22DGuilfordWilliam DavisWhiteMaleDemocrat
22DGuilfordJonathan KreiderWhiteMaleRepublican
22DGuilfordSusan R. BurchWhiteFemaleDemocrat
33GastonCraig Robert CollinsWhiteMaleRepublican
33GastonW. Frederick GoreAfrican-AmericanMaleRepublican
33GastonMichael Kirk LandsWhiteMaleRepublican
33GastonAngela HoyleWhiteFemaleRepublican
33GastonJames Austin JacksonWhiteMaleRepublican
33GastonPennie Miller ThrowerWhiteFemaleRepublican
33GastonRichard B. AbernathyWhiteMaleRepublican
33GastonJohn K. GreenleeWhiteMaleRepublican
26AMecklenburgRickye McKoye-MitchellAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgGary Lenell HendersonAfrican-AmericanMaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgDonald Cureton Jr.African-AmericanMaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgTy HandsAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgKaren Eady-WilliamsAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgDonnie HooverAfrican-AmericanMaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgTracy Hanna HewettWhiteFemaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgRegan Anthony MillerAfrican-AmericanMaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgRonald L. ChapmanWhiteMaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgPaige B. McTheniaWhiteFemaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgChristy T. MannWhiteFemaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgBecky TinWhiteFemaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgDavid H. StricklandWhiteMaleRepublican
26AMecklenburgElizabeth T. TroschWhiteFemaleDemocrat
26AMecklenburgLouis Trosch Jr., WhiteMaleDemocrat
30BForsythTheodoros KazakosWhiteMaleRepublican
30BForsythLaurie HutchinsWhiteFemaleRepublican
30BForsythDavid Edward SipprellWhiteMaleRepublican
30BForsythGeorge A. BedsworthWhiteMaleDemocrat
30BForsythCamille D. Banks-PrinceAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
30BForsythLawrence J. FineWhiteMaleDemocrat
30DForsythSherri MurrellAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
30DForsythDenise Shelia HartsfieldAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
30DForsythLisa Vanlear MenefeeWhiteFemaleDemocrat
30DForsythGordon A. MillerWhiteMaleRepublican
There are 53 African American judges out of 268 total judges, according to Sept. 28 AOC info. There are 28 African American judges double-bunked in these proposed maps.
This information is based on the North Carolina voter registration database

Superior Court Double Bunkings

12CNew HanoverPhyllis GorhamAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
12CNew HanoverJay HockenburyWhiteMaleRepublican
14Scotland, RobesonJames BellAmerican Indian or Alaskan Native MaleDemocrat
14Scotland, RobesonRobert FloydWhiteMaleDemocrat
14Scotland, RobesonRichard BrownWhiteMaleDemocrat
15BCumberlandGale AdamsAfrican-AmericanFemaleDemocrat
15BCumberlandMary Ann TallyWhiteFemaleDemocrat
15BCumberlandClaire HillWhiteFemaleUnaffiliated
15BCumberlandJames Ammons Jr.WhiteMaleUnaffiliated
18ADurhamJames Hardin Jr.WhiteMaleDemocrat
18ADurhamMichael O’FoghludhaWhiteMaleDemocrat
19OrangeCarl FoxAfrican-AmericanMaleDemocrat
19OrangeR. Allen BaddourWhiteMaleDemocrat
21Rockingham, CaswellStanley AllenWhiteMaleDemocrat
21Rockingham, CaswellEdwin WilsonWhiteMaleDemocrat
21Rockingham, CaswellWilliam O. Smith IIIWhiteMaleDemocrat
22BGuilfordR. Stuart AlbrightWhiteMaleDemocrat
22BGuilfordLindsay DavisWhiteMaleDemocrat
22BGuilfordSusan BrayWhiteFemaleUnaffiliated
24Anson, Union, RichmondGeorge CollinsWhiteMaleRepublican
24Anson, Union, RichmondChristopher BraggWhiteMaleRepublican
24Anson, Union, RichmondJeffery CarpenterWhiteMaleRepublican
24Anson, Union, RichmondTanya WallaceWhiteFemaleDemocrat
39BBuncombeMarvin PopeWhiteMaleDemocrat
39BBuncombeAlan ThornburgWhiteMaleDemocrat
There are 18 African American judges out of 96 total judges, according to Sept. 28 AOC info. There are five African American judges double-bunked in these proposed maps.
This information is based on the North Carolina voter registration database