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The state of NC’s redistricting battles: A litigation cheat sheet for those trying to keep track


North Carolina’s redistricting plans have drawn major court involvement over the last few years, and it’s not looking promising that trend will change in 2018.

There are five pending redistricting cases, four of which have had some action in the past month and it’s not easy to keep them straight. They involve legislative and congressional maps, partisan and racial gerrymandering and state and federal courts.

The state is so deep in litigation over its maps that it’s not even clear what the elections later this year will look like for certain voting districts. Policy Watch has put together a helpful guide on where things currently stand and in which court.

U.S. Supreme Court:

Four of the five pending cases are at the nation’s highest court and involve two types of gerrymandering claims.

Racial gerrymandering:

Partisan gerrymandering:

Wake County Superior Court:

There is one case pending in a state trial court.

Racial gerrymandering:

With the exception of Covington, each of these cases could still have a long road of litigation ahead. Lawmakers have also taken on judicial redistricting in the midst of this unresolved litigation, so it’s very possible there are more lawsuits to come.