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Monday numbers: A closer look at the benefits of Medicaid expansion in 2019


The following numbers are based on a new Center for American Progress report [2] that quantifies the potential benefits of Medicaid expansion if North Carolina were to fully expand Medicaid in 2019. The benefits would include:

626,000 – the number of North Carolinians who would benefit if North Carolina were to fully expand Medicaid in 2019

1,555 – the number of additional lives saved per year if North Carolina were to fully expand Medicaid in 2019

641 – the number of additional cancer diagnoses per year

548 – the number of additional early-stage cancer diagnoses per year

2,197 – the reduction in opioid-related hospitalizations of uninsured patients per year

65 – the number of bankruptcies prevented per year with full Medicaid expansion

25% – more than 1 in 4 American adults reported in 2015 that they or someone in their household had experienced trouble paying medical bills

$575.9 million – the reduction in families’ accrued medical debt with full Medicaid expansion

$713.6 million – the reduction in families’ collection balances

$177.8 million – the amount of money kept in families’ pockets from less costly credit per year

$681.6 million – the savings to local communities from enhanced public safety per year

31 – the number of states (plus the District of Columbia) that have expanded Medicaid since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010

65 – the number of days between now and the start of the New Year when Virginia and Maine are slated to join the states with full Medicaid expansion

4 – the number of states where voters will decide whether to expand Medicaid in the coming year. Those states include: Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Utah.