Monday numbers: Raise the age is coming; will the money?

Monday numbers: Raise the age is coming; will the money?

North Carolina has less than a year of transition time as it raises the age of juvenile jurisdiction and there’s still a lot of work and resources needed to make it happen.

The Juvenile Jurisdiction Advisory Committee recently finalized a memo to lawmakers outlining what was needed to finally “Raise the Age, which will be officially implemented in December. The change in law means that 16- and 17-year-olds charged with most crimes in this state will be prosecuted as juveniles and not adults.

Below are some of numbers associated with raising the age.

20,000 – the number of youth expected to move into the juvenile system annually

194 – the number of juvenile court counselors needed to implement “raise the age”

14 – juvenile court counselor supervise positions needed

25 – the number of “raise the age” support positions needed, including evidence-based practice coordinators and office assistants

$47.6 million – amount of money that will need to be budgeted in fiscal year 2020 for juvenile justice

$62.7 million – amount of money that needs to be budgeted in FY 2021

$2.9 million – recurring needs for the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts beginning in FY 2020

$122,000 – recurring needs for the Office of the Juvenile Defender beginning in FY 2020

$125,589 – recurring needs for the Conference of District Attorneys beginning in FY 2020

$15.1 million – amount it will cost in FY 2020 to fund deficiencies in the North Carolina’s state courts

17 – the number of potential locations in the state for juvenile detention beds

300 – the projected need for juvenile detention beds to “raise the age”

$244 – the projected daily operating cost per youth for juvenile detention facilities

50 percent – amount the state and each county is responsible for paying per youth in detention

36 days – the average length of stay for a juvenile in a facility in FY 16-17

8,673 – the number of new youth the juvenile justice system will receive beginning Dec. 1, 2019

29 – the number of juvenile transportation vans needed

$36,000 – the cost per new van

Source: Juvenile Jurisdiction Advisory Committee draft Juvenile Age Interim Report