Monday numbers: A closer look at the 2020 Census

Monday numbers: A closer look at the 2020 Census

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So, you’re working from home again this week. You’d like to do something helpful, something to get your mind off current events.

Well, you can stand up and make sure your household is counted in the 2020 census.

A complete and accurate census count will determine how much funding local communities receive for key public services. Officials also use your answers to draw boundaries for congressional, legislative and school districts.

Learn more about the 2020 U.S. census in today’s Monday numbers column:

10 – Every 10 years, the U.S. Constitution requires a population count

230 – Thomas Jefferson ordered the very first decennial census 230 years ago, back in 1790

1 – This year is the first time the Internet has been used as the primary means of collecting census household data

675 – Census data helps inform decisions about how more than $675 billion in federal funds is distributed to states and communities

300 – There are nearly 300 federal programs that provide support to families, based on the data that comes from the U.S. census.

16 – In North Carolina alone, more than $16 billion in annual federal funding is dependent on an accurate census count. (Source: NC Child)

9,000 – Children under 5 years old are among population groups historically undercounted in the census. In the 2010 census, it was estimated that 9,000 Hispanic and Latino children were undercounted in North Carolina. (Ibid)

9 – the number of days between now and National Census Day (April 1, 2020) the reference day used for the census headcount

64.8 % – the self-response rate of North Carolinians in the 2010 census

66.5 % – the national self-response rate for the 2010 census

+ 1 – Census statistics are used to determine the number of seats each state holds in the US House of Representatives. The 2020 census will determine whether North Carolina will receive 14th seat in Congress.

0 – the number of questions about citizenship on this year’s census

0 – the number of federal departments (such as ICE) that will see your personal information (it is illegal for the Census Bureau to share personal information)

10 – approximately how many minutes it takes to complete your census questionnaire

3 – You have three options for responding either online, by phone or by mail

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