NC Policy Watch is a progressive, nonprofit and non-partisan public policy organization and news outlet dedicated to informing elected officials as they debate important issues and, ultimately, to improving the quality of life for all North Carolinians. NC Policy Watch is an independent project of the NC Justice Center, North Carolina’s leading private, nonprofit anti-poverty organization. The two organizations share the same guiding objective—to bring about social, political and economic justice in North Carolina. Since its founding in 2004, NC Policy Watch has established itself as the state’s most prolific and influential progressive voice and a direct and effective counterpoint to the state’s conservative think tanks.

NC Policy Watch generates a large and steady flow of timely, accurate and hard-hitting commentaries, analyses and investigative news reports that inform elected officials, advocates, the media and the public at-large. The NC Policy Watch blog, The Progressive Pulse, is one of North Carolina’s most active and important public policy websites. Policy Watch Investigates is one of the state’s most important sources of high quality, independent reporting.

The staff members of NC Policy Watch speak frequently at forums and events throughout the state and regularly provide insights and expert analysis for various media outlets. NC Policy Watch also sponsors a regular luncheon series, “Crucial Conversations,” which brings prominent state and national leaders together with the community to talk about issues facing the state. NC Policy Watch Director Chris Fitzsimon is the host of a weekly syndicated radio show–“News and Views”—aired on several stations around the state. He is also a regular panelist on “NC SPIN,” a weekly television talk show about state government and politics.

The list of specific issues tackled over the years by the Policy Watch staff is a long one and includes everything from state fiscal policy to the affordable housing crisis to health care reform to K-12 and higher education to LGBT and immigrant rights to government and lobbying reform to environmental protection.

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