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Every day, here at the NC Housing Coalition, we get calls from folks around the state with housing needs. They are working hard to make ends meet, but are coming up short. Some are underemployed or disabled and ...
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Progressive Voices

There is no human need more basic than safe and decent shelter, yet thousands of people in North Carolina and throughout the country lack housing they can afford. The lack of quality, affordable housing is a huge hardship ...
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If you purchase a new home, there is a high likelihood that you are joining a community governed by some sort of community association, such as a homeowner association or condo association. You may have chosen to live in such a community because of the amenities it provides: common green space, a pool, a playground for your children. Or, you may have just chosen a new home that happened to be part of such an arrangement without giving much thought to the matter. Whatever your reason, however, you may be getting more (or, in some cases, less) than you bargained for. ...
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