God made farmworkers too


As I watched the Super Bowl with my family recently, one ad stood out. It was the beautiful slideshow of farmers, accompanied by the eloquent words of the late Paul’s Harvey’s speech entitled “God Made a Farmer.” The ad was a moving tribute, evoking powerful emotions while praising the often unrewarding daily labor [Continue Reading…]

Immigration reform can’t wait any longer

Three students go on a hunger strike outside a U.S. Senator’s office. Two young children wave a tearful goodbye to their father, not knowing when they will ever see him again. Hundreds march in the streets of Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh. And all of these events occurred because our broken immigration system continues to undermine families across the state. What lessons can we learn from this summer’s immigration debate?

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The case for comprehensive immigration reform

Beyond the headlines that have dominated the political landscape over the last few months (health care reform, partisan bickering, too much change or not enough, etc.), are some vital issues that have been too often ignored by politicians and the public alike. Here’s one that deserves a lot more attention: our dysfunctional immigration system which continues to undermine families, employers and workers, while presenting unwinnable choices to local policy makers and law enforcement. [Continue Reading…]