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Clayton Henkel, Communications Coordinator for N.C. Policy Watch, joined the project in November 2009. She is responsible for the project's website and newsletter management as well as production of its weekly "News and Views" radio program.
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Monday Numbers: A new year, a new administration, an urgent need to help families

The first Monday of the New Year comes with much hope and optimism that things will be better than 2020. But as the Biden-Harris administration prepares to take over in just 16 days, there is much work that needs to be done to address hunger, health and homelessness in our country. This week's Monday numbers column looks at some of the challenges as highlighted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation that require an urgent response from the new president and the incoming Congress.

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Duke University experts in public health-messaging discuss how to combat vaccine hesitancy and misinformation

From left to right: Gary Bennett, a professor of psychology and neuroscience, behavioral economist Dan Ariely, and assistant professor Lavanya Vasudevan, PhD, MPH, an expert in family medicine and community health 

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Radio Interviews

North Carolina Superintendent-elect Catherine Truitt

The leadership of North Carolina’s public education system will undergo a major overhaul in 2021 when a newly-elected state schools superintendent, Catherine Truitt, takes office in January. Truitt discusses helping schools cope with COVID, learning loss, school funding and teacher diversity.

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