Koch brothers-backed law firm intervenes in lawsuits challenging North Carolina’s school voucher law


This week, two lawsuits challenging the state’s new school voucher law were green-lighted to move forward by Superior Court Judge Robert H. Hobgood, who denied the state’s motions to dismiss the cases on the basis that they lacked merit. Also green-lighted by Judge Hobgood? An intervenor in the case who is seeking [Continue Reading...]

McCrory’s pay plan creates buzz among educators at Emerging Issues Forum

(Photo by Ricky Leung)

“Watching what has happened to public education in North Carolina is like watching a tragedy unfold, act by act.” Hard hitting words from historian and public education advocate Diane Ravitch, who addressed hundreds of educators, policy makers and advocates today at the 2014 Emerging Issues Forum in Raleigh. “Teachers and the Great Economic Debate” was [Continue Reading...]