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Calling North Carolina’s school turnaround work “among the most ambitious in the nation,” Vanderbilt University researcher Gary Henry told members of the State Board of Education on Thursday that he’s found significant positive effects resulting from the state’s ...
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The North Carolina State Board of Education quietly approved a policy last month that could allow the state’s two brand new virtual charter schools to avoid recording and reporting daily student attendance, and stipulates that the virtual schools ...

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest released a video last week portraying the GOP as defenders of public education who have used the past four years of Republican control of the state to pull education up from from the bottom of ...

In some areas, unusual reports of elementary classrooms hardest hit Mirroring a national trend, some North Carolina classrooms are bracing for a teacher shortage next Monday, the first day of the traditional school year. “It’s a perfect storm,” ...

Extensive behind-the-scenes work to develop proposal Rep. Rob Bryan (R-Mecklenburg) may be the face of a plan to allow charter school operators to take over North Carolina’s worst performing schools, but he’s not the only Bryan with fingerprints ...
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With a stopgap spending measure in place, some lawmakers believe efforts to get schools prepared for the new year are humming along as the General Assembly battles over a final two year budget plan—but what’s happening on the ...
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Despite the fact that North Carolina already ranks near the bottom nationally in the generosity of its retiree health plan—better only than Georgia—Senate and House lawmakers met on Monday to mull over ways to address the plan’s looming ...
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Administration and oversight for public charter schools has been handled by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for years — but Senator Jerry Tillman, a longtime supporter of charter schools, wants to change that. “DPI was never ...
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Around the country, states and cities are trying a new way to boost success rates at low-performing schools. New efforts labeled ‘recovery school districts,’ ‘achievement school districts,’ ‘turnaround schools,’ and the like are making their way into places ...
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Corey Davis, a veteran living in Greensboro back in 2013, wanted to open his own small company and figured a degree in business was the ticket to success. Davis searched on the Internet for flexible online education options ...
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