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Some hard truths about the North Carolina economy

Several years of tax cuts have not fixed our economic problems, and more of the same won’t either

In a yearly ritual as reliable as weird weather and parents stressing about finding summer camp for the kids, late spring finds some legislative leaders in Raleigh flogging another round of tax cuts, all the while claiming that past rounds of tax reductions have magically “fixed” North Carolina’s economy.

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The destructive impact of North Carolina’s inadequate minimum wage

The failure to enact a robust state minimum wage and a lack of income growth for most workers are leaving far too many North Carolinians struggling to get by. According to an analysis conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 120,000 North Carolinians earned at or below the minimum wage last year, an increase of more than two and half times from several years ago.

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Loss of federal funds from HB2 could eliminate 53,000 jobs, $2.4 billion in wages

New report finds rising economic cost to state from discrimination law North Carolina’s economy could suffer significant damage if House Bill 2 is not repealed and the federal government cuts off funding for key investments in education, job training, and public safety, a new report finds.

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Selling mediocre

Governor McCrory’s attempt to spin North Carolina’s economic performance comes up short Governor McCrory is trying to convince everyone that, thanks to his team’s leadership, our economy is in great shape. In defending a largely status quo budget ...
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The future of work in our rapidly changing economy

Don’t fear the robots, so long as we raise wages The first time I saw a GPS-equipped bulldozer a decade ago, it was a revelation. The machine could take a set of plans and peel away soil down ...
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Growth without prosperity

North Carolina’s defining economic challenges remain unaddressed Fist-pumping and back-patting are all the rage in Raleigh these days. Some economists are talking about North Carolina’s economy hitting a sweet-spot and elected leaders are running out of ways to ...
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