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Rob Schofield, Director of NC Policy Watch, has three decades of experience as a lawyer, lobbyist, writer and commentator. At Policy Watch, Rob writes and edits daily online commentaries and handles numerous public speaking and electronic media appearances. He also delivers a radio commentary that’s broadcast weekdays on WRAL-FM and WCHL and hosts News and Views, a weekly radio news magazine that airs on multiple stations across North Carolina.

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Friday Follies: Lawmakers head back to Raleigh, Mark Johnson doubles down and some new huffing and puffing about hemp

Lawmakers return to Raleigh to do…well...something…maybe The North Carolina General Assembly takes the latest step in its ongoing transition to a de facto fulltime legislature next week. Less than two months after having vacated the capital for the holiday season, lawmakers will return to...

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Greed and instant gratification rule the day: The Right abandons traditional conservatism for values and policies it once rejected

It’s nothing new when political movements and parties undergo fundamental transformations. Think about it: in the middle of the 20th Century, the Democratic Party – particularly in the South – was, despite its occasional willingness to use government as a societal problem solver, the party of segregation and racism. Longtime Alabama governor and segregationist George Wallace started out as a Democrat. Jesse Helms did too.

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Monday numbers: The impeachment of Donald Trump – Where things stand and what people think

At the start of what many think will be one of the most momentous years in American history, the leaders of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are locked in an impasse over the nature of the trial that the Senate will conduct of President Donald Trump in response to the House's historic December 18 impeachment vote.

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Judge’s voter ID ruling is a welcome one Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Android | RSS ...
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