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Teacher authors open letter to sponsor of controversial bill to allow municipal charters

Dear Rep. Brawley, With the impending approval of Bill HB 514 which allows for municipal charter schools in a budget process that is intentionally kept within committee and out of democratic debate, this voter has to ask you one question (actually many): Do you realize what you have championed?

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Why I won’t be accepting my teacher bonus

Dear Gov. McCrory and members of the North Carolina General Assembly: This may not be a popular opinion, but it is one that is a matter of principle to me. I will be receiving $2,000 in bonuses this year for having a certain number of students pass the AP English Language and Composition Exam for the 2015-2016. Many of you may think that it will somewhat ameliorate tensions with public school teachers like me. I do not think it will at all. I feel that it just exacerbates the real problem: lack of respect for all public school teachers. I am not going to keep my bonus. To me it’s just academic “blood money.”

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A public school teacher’s open letter to State Rep. Paul Stam

Dear Rep. Stam: I listened with great interest to your recent interview with Alex Granados on’s podcast released on January 22nd. I thought you spoke with great candor and conviction about what you felt were positive reforms ...
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Frustrated NC teacher pens open letter to lawmaker

Blasts plan to turn struggling public schools over to charter operators [Editor’s note: The following is from an open letter sent to State Rep. Rob Bryan yesterday in response to news reports of the lawmaker’s plan to unveil ...
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