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Chaos in Washington: So now the enablers think things have gone too far?

Voices that long abetted Trumpism seem to finally awaken as his backers storm the Capitol

Mike Pence. Mitch McConnell. William Barr. Ted Cruz. Lindsey Graham. Thom Tillis.

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Friday Follies: NC conservatives double down on Trumpism

In Washington, legal and political walls may be closing in on the slow motion train wreck that is the Trump administration, but here in North Carolina, conservative leaders still refuse to abandon the Prevaricator-in-Chief or the key policy tenets of Trumpism. Three classic cases in point were on display in the news this week:

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Storm-driven hot air

Local conservative group says Hurricane Matthew demonstrates need to reduce our commitment to renewable energy

As is almost always the case with natural disasters of such terrible proportions, Hurricane Matthew is sure to have major policy and political implications in North Carolina. Already, elected leaders are battling over the wisdom of a special legislative session to address hurricane-related issues and Gov. McCrory has effectively merged his reelection campaign with his tour of devastated areas. At last count, the embattled governor has issued more than 30 press releases on the subject of Matthew – many of which do little more than reiterate items already reported by major news outlets. Setting aside, however, the immediate, near-term impacts, there are obviously several larger and much more important – even existential – issues raised by the latest major hurricane to rake the Caribbean and the southeastern U.S. To most caring and thinking people these issues are pretty obvious and have to include things like:

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The Koch Brothers-funded invasion of NC universities continues as Wake Forest joins the network

[This commentary has been updated — see below.] Love them or hate them, there’s one thing that most everyone can agree on when it comes to the nation’s most visible and ambitious billionaire plutocrats: the Koch brothers know ...
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Twelve lousy ideas

The worst proposals thus far in the 2015 legislative session North Carolina lawmakers treated themselves and everyone else to a spring break this week. Committee meetings and floor votes were suspended and most lawmakers stayed away from the ...
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Dan Forest goes all in with the far right

Lt. Governor issues scathing attack on marriage ruling, will co-host event with controversial activist who would rewrite the U.S. Constitution Friday afternoon’s federal court ruling ushering in marriage equality has provoked some very different reactions amongst defenders of ...
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Farcically far right follies

Mangling history, defending plutocracy and…launching a coup? There’s scarcely a week that goes by these days in which the average, reasonably sane American doesn’t find him or herself marveling at just how far the modern far right is ...
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Food Stamp Follies

The right’s contempt for government and the people it serves hits a new low It’s an image that may be tough to conjure up in the middle of an especially cold winter, but there usually comes a moment ...
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Libertarian looniness

How far will the market fundamentalist right go? What does the subject of “mail-order brides” have to do with the quest for freedom? If you, like most other sane people on the planet, have never given this strange ...
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Whitewashing history

Local conservative group sanitizes a defender of racist politics Looking for a reason (other than a bottomless pile of corporate money) that conservatives so often seem to be on the offensive in modern American policy debates?  Here’s a ...
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Schoolyard politics

Legislative leaders threaten to pack up and go home if they don’t get their way It would take a lot of hard work for the Republicans who run the General Assembly to make themselves look like complete fools ...
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Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, Susie!

The right’s startling contempt for poor children What is it about the far right and its contempt for helping children? What kind of political movement or organization would devote a sizable chunk of its limited resources (as two ...
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Spinmeisters weaving their web

The right wing’s ongoing effort to make reactionary policies seem reasonable Right-wing politicians and talking heads are in damage-control mode these days as they attempt to put a positive spin on the disastrous legislative session that adjourned last ...
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Going to extremes

Senate Republican leader confirms that market fundamentalists are fully in charge Since the beginning of the 2011 session, some caring and thoughtful observers of North Carolina politics have clung to the hope that not all legislative Republican leaders ...
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Firing teachers is a bad idea

The right's absurd and contradictory arguments about school class size Expect to hear a lot in upcoming months about class size. As in: raising the number of kids in each public school classroom North Carolina.   As in: ...
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The company they keep

You might be surprised at what many on the right actually believe

There is a bit of common wisdom in modern American culture about the intersection of the debate between progressives and conservatives. It's often voiced by politicians, members of the media and a lot of average folks. You may have even espoused such a view yourself. It goes something like this:

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