As UNC system looks for new leaders, more information coming out about Tom Ross dismissal


As a slate of appointed leaders get closer to appointing a new head of North Carolina’s higher education system, details continue to trickle out about the January decision to get rid of its current president, Tom Ross. John Fennebresque, the chair of the University of North Carolina’s Board of Governors was adamant during a [Continue Reading…]

Out of state money behind secret plan to fund charter takeover of NC’s worst performing schools


Extensive behind-the-scenes work to develop proposal Rep. Rob Bryan (R-Mecklenburg) may be the face of a plan to allow charter school operators to take over North Carolina’s worst performing schools, but he’s not the only Bryan with fingerprints on the proposal. Enter John D. Bryan, an Oregon-based retired business executive—and multimillionaire—who has long [Continue Reading…]

Lawmakers weigh options to reduce state commitment to retiree health benefits


Despite the fact that North Carolina already ranks near the bottom nationally in the generosity of its retiree health plan—better only than Georgia—Senate and House lawmakers met on Monday to mull over ways to address the plan’s looming unfunded liability, with some options including a reduction and even elimination of the state’s commitment [Continue Reading…]

Senate bill proposes ending DPI control of charter school oversight


Administration and oversight for public charter schools has been handled by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for years — but Senator Jerry Tillman, a longtime supporter of charter schools, wants to change that. “DPI was never in love…with charter schools,” Sen. Tillman (R-Randolph) said in a Senate Education Committee hearing on Tuesday as [Continue Reading…]

Is North Carolina next in line for New Orleans-style takeovers of failing schools?


Around the country, states and cities are trying a new way to boost success rates at low-performing schools. New efforts labeled ‘recovery school districts,’ ‘achievement school districts,’ ‘turnaround schools,’ and the like are making their way into places that include Tennessee, Louisiana, and Arkansas, to name a few — efforts that allow states [Continue Reading…]