Fewer education majors, and worries about where tomorrow’s teachers will come from


Finding teachers for North Carolina’s classrooms may be an increasingly difficult endeavor, as the ranks of those looking to become teachers dwindles. North Carolina’s public university system saw a steep enrollment decline in the last four years in undergraduate and graduate teaching programs, amounting to a 27 percent drop from 2010 to 2014. [Continue Reading…]

Virtual charter schools inch closer to approval


The State Board of Education had tough questions Wednesday for two for-profit virtual education companies in line to receive millions in public money to teach children through their home computers. Both applicants for a legislatively-mandated pilot program, N.C. Connections Academy and N.C. Virtual Academy, will be governed by a non-profit board of directors, [Continue Reading…]

Lawmakers make modest education recommendations to 2015 General Assembly


A state legislative committee tasked with making recommendations to the General Assembly for how to improve public education in North Carolina issued a modest report on Tuesday, proposing more flexibility for local school districts in implementing third grade reading requirements and taking a hands-off approach, at least for now, in ensuring the viability [Continue Reading…]

Virtual charter schools on path to opening in North Carolina


North Carolina schoolchildren may be attending classes on their home computers next year, after a state education committee moved the applications of two proposed virtual charter schools forward Wednesday. The State Board of Education, which sets education policy in the state, will take up the applications of two virtual charter schools at their [Continue Reading…]

UNC centers questioned about “diversity of opinion”


With threats of possible cuts looming, several academic centers faced scrutiny Thursday from a group of the UNC Board of Governors wondering, among other things, why more conservative viewpoints weren’t explored at the centers. The liveliest exchanges during the two days of presentations from 34 centers under review came Thursday between UNC Board [Continue Reading…]