Lessons learned on Voter ID


Last week’s abrupt turnabout in the General Assembly on Voter ID surprised lawmakers on both sides of the aisle as well as attorneys in the lawsuits set for trial this summer. The changes, which include provisions allowing voters lacking photo ID to cast a provisional ballot once they’ve signed a sworn statement indicating that [Continue Reading…]

In a split decision, Fourth Circuit releases Pitt County Schools from desegregation orders


Pitt County schools have fulfilled their obligations under desegregation orders first entered more than 40 years ago and need no longer remain subject to federal oversight, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a 2-1 decision released yesterday. Writing for the panel in Everett v. Pitt County Board of Education, [Continue Reading…]

U.S. Supreme Court maps out the road ahead for the North Carolina redistricting case


Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court order sending the North Carolina redistricting case back for further review, though encouraging for the plan’s challengers and for voting rights advocates as well, came as little surprise to most legal experts. After all, the court had done the same thing just a few weeks earlier in a redistricting [Continue Reading…]

Public money for private schools: Supreme Court considers the constitutionality of vouchers


State Supreme Court justices refused to let a surprise snowstorm force yet another rescheduling of arguments in the private school voucher case, opening the courtroom on time Tuesday morning to a less-than-full gallery. Determined to resolve challenges to the state’s recently enacted “Opportunity Scholarship Program” long before the next school year begins, the [Continue Reading…]

Death to the Map Act


Court of Appeals says DOT must pay owners for land taken for proposed road projects Michael Hendrix had a contract to sell eight of his 24 acres of land at Old Hollow and Germanton Roads in Winston-Salem for more than a million dollars in early 1998. But because the state Department of Transportation [Continue Reading…]