Gaming the system at the Division of Employment Security

Dale Folwell heads the state’s Division of Employment Security.

Update: A Wake County Superior Court  judge has  granted a preliminary injunction that  requires the North Carolina Division of Employment Security (DES)  to continue making hearing notices about contested unemployment claims available as it has done for the past decade. With little fanfare in a quiet Wake County courtroom yesterday, Dale Folwell, the [Continue Reading...]

Groups ask U.S. Justice Department to close prison pipeline in Wake County schools


Handcuffed for stepping out of line in the cafeteria. Pepper-sprayed in the eyes, TASERed in the chest, violently tackled to the ground or pushed into walls. Interrogated and searched without consent, parental or attorney involvement. Sounds like the stuff of a youth detention facility on lockdown, except it’s happening in Wake County schools [Continue Reading...]