Monday numbers


4.7—percent of average annual revenue growth in North Carolina since 1990 (“Prosperity Watch Issue 46, No. 3: Revenue growth is not the same thing as a surplus, N.C. Budget & Tax Center, February 2015) 2.9—percent of actual revenue growth expected for current fiscal year that ends June 30 (Ibid) 21.35 billion—amount in dollars [Continue Reading…]

The Follies


McCrory snubbed again by legislative leaders An interesting moment in the political world in Raleigh came in between this week’s two bouts of winter weather. The Republican leaders of the General Assembly once again ignored the wishes of Governor Pat McCrory. McCrory has spent the last several weeks appearing at news conferences across [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


1—number of days until the N.C. Supreme Court hears arguments in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state’s school voucher program created in 2013 (N.C. Court System) 4.15 million—amount in taxpayer dollars that have already been diverted to private and religious schools under the voucher program with no state oversight or [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


13—number of years since the creation of the Job Development Investment Grant program—JDIG—as a tool to recruit new jobs to North Carolina (“Picking Losers: Why the majority of North Carolina’s incentive projects end in failure,” N.C Justice Center’s Workers Rights Project, February 16, 2015) 60—percentage of economic development projects announced as part of [Continue Reading…]