The Follies


Wos watch continues in Raleigh Another week, another set of problems identified at the state Department of Health and Human Services. This time it is a letter from the U.S. Department of Agriculture questioning DHHS oversight of the state’s food stamp program. The letter cited problems in the state’s employment and training program, lack [Continue Reading...]

How long will being gay be a fireable offense in North Carolina?


North Carolina Congressman Robert Pittenger made headlines recently for suggesting that firing people from their jobs solely because they are gay is one of the “freedoms we enjoy” as Americans. Pittenger’s startlingly offensive remarks came as supporters of a federal employment non-discrimination act that would protect gay workers on the job are trying [Continue Reading...]

Putting a face on voter suppression


Report details the real life havoc that North Carolina’s controversial new voting laws are wreaking There’s been a lot of sobering – even horrifying and unspeakable – news scrolling across our TV’s, computer screens and personal devices in recent weeks. Thanks to modern communications technology, violent images that once existed only in the [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


19.4—the unemployment rate of North Carolinians ages 16-24 in 2013 (Prosperity Watch Issue 41, No. 2: Young North Carolinians enter a challenging labor market, N.C. Budget & Tax Center, September 2014) 10.3—the unemployment rate of North Carolinians ages 16-24 in 2007 (Ibid) 7.9—the unemployment for North Carolinians overall in 2013 (Ibid) 11—the percentage [Continue Reading...]

The Follies


McCrory praises Wos’ brilliance Long-embattled DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos was on the hot seat again this week, facing questions from state lawmakers about a no-bid $6.8 million contract she awarded to an out of state firm to manage the finances of the Medicaid program. Wos’ response was telling. She told a legislative oversight [Continue Reading...]

Key pillars of a strong and fair economy are crumbling in North Carolina


A strong state Earned Income Tax Credit and a robust minimum wage are twin pillars that together form the foundation of a stronger economy — even for those with low-income jobs. Unfortunately, North Carolina state leaders recently demolished one of those pillars and are letting the other one slowly disintegrate. In North Carolina’s [Continue Reading...]