Why democracy needs higher education


The defunding of public higher education currently underway across the country is troubling for many reasons. It is more than just bad policy: gutting public higher education weakens the democratic principles upon which our society is founded—specifically, liberty, equality, and civic participation. Democracy thrives on liberty, and liberty requires free minds. This is [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


31,359—number of children on the waiting list for a child care subsidy in North Carolina as of May 2015 (Prosperity Watch Issue 50, No. 4: Child care subsidies crucial to financial well-being of low income families, N.C. Budget & Tax Center, June 23, 2015) 3—rank of North Carolina among the states with the [Continue Reading…]

Hints of hope amongst the carnage


Average North Carolinians are pushing back against the gun fundamentalists…and winning It’s hard to feel very optimistic about much of anything in the aftermath of last week’s horrific tragedy/terrorist act in South Carolina. The idea that a hate-filled sociopath could and would enter a sanctuary of peace and then execute nine innocent, welcoming [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


652 million—amount in dollars in reduction of state revenues over the next two years in the House budget thanks to corporate income tax cuts and various tax breaks for selected industries/activities. (Comparison chart: House budget reinvests more than the Senate budget but both plans fail to fully restore previous cut, N.C. Budget & [Continue Reading…]

The Follies


Unexpected victory for voting rights The Senate budget might not have been the most important story of the week, as absurd and regressive as it was. We sort of knew that was coming. What was unexpected was the House and Senate both passing legislation just before heading home for the weekend that modifies [Continue Reading…]