Voucher scheme is not about helping low-income children


After Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood understandably ruled last week that the sketchy unaccountable private school voucher scheme created by the 2013 General Assembly was unconstitutional, voucher supporters responded almost in unison with a single talking point, that somehow the judge had “trapped underprivileged children in failing schools.” The claim may be offensive [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


71—number of days until November general election (N.C. State Board of Elections) 153—number of sitting state legislators running for the General Assembly again in November (“State Legislators Pile Up $8 Million for Campaigns; Incumbent Advantage Will Grow with PACs’ “Gratitude Money,” Democracy North Carolina, August 18, 2014) 74—number of legislators seeking reelection facing [Continue Reading...]

The great coal ash blunder


Big money, ideology and egos conspire to leave one of North Carolina’s greatest environmental threats unaddressed The seemingly endless 2014 “short session” of the North Carolina General Assembly is not yet over as of this morning. More than six weeks after the start of the new fiscal year – i.e. the date that [Continue Reading...]

The danger of militarized policing


[Editor’s note: The ongoing conflicts in Ferguson, Missouri have brought significant attention of late to the issue of America’s increasingly militarized civilian law enforcement agencies. As the following essay makes clear, however, the issue of militarized policing is an issue that has deserved attention – both in North Carolina and elsewhere – for some time.] [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


24—number of states including North Carolina that have not expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (“What Is the Result of States Not Expanding Medicaid?,” Urban Institute and Robert Wood Foundation, August 2014) 6.7 million—number of residents of the 24 states that will remain uninsured in 2017 as a result of the decision [Continue Reading...]