Demagogues and nullifiers and the last gasp of anti-equality forces in North Carolina


Almost every significant move toward justice and equality prompts a backlash. Cynical elected officials preying on ignorance and pandering to fears for their own political gain. Far-right zealots distorting the fundamental structure of our democracy to rail against an expansion of basic human rights. And extremist groups weighing in from the fringe, using [Continue Reading...]

North Carolina children need better access to healthy food: Connecting the dots between hunger, malnutrition and obesity


This Friday, October 24, is Food Day, a day to organize and learn about the biggest issues concerning food, health, and how our political and economic systems promote and/or deny health and equality. We live in the richest country in the world, so we don’t usually connect the terms “hunger,” “malnutrition,” and [Continue Reading...]

The rising solar wave


Despite the right wing’s cynical sabotage efforts, the momentum for solar energy keeps building Looking for some good news on what can seem at times these days to be a rather bleak public policy landscape? Well, here’s some that ought to keep you going for a while and maybe even renew your faith [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


14.5—percentage reduction in per pupil spending in North Carolina from 2007-2008 to 2014-2015 when adjusted for inflation (“Most States Still Funding Schools Less Than Before the Recession,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, October 16, 2014) 7—-rank of North Carolina among 50 states in largest percentage of reduction in per pupil spending from [Continue Reading...]

Dan Forest goes all in with the far right


Lt. Governor issues scathing attack on marriage ruling, will co-host event with controversial activist who would rewrite the U.S. Constitution Friday afternoon’s federal court ruling ushering in marriage equality has provoked some very different reactions amongst defenders of the old, unconstitutional law. Most leading conservative politicians have been relatively muted in their comments. [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


3—number of days since U.S. District Court Judge Max Cogburn of Asheville issued a ruling overturning North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage (“Federal judge strikes down NC’s same-sex marriage ban,” WRAL-TV, October 10, 2014) 30—number of states, including North Carolina, currently covered by decisions of federal courts declaring bans on same-sex marriages unconstitutional [Continue Reading...]

The Follies


Raise the minimum wage or abolish it? You don’t have to look very hard these days to see how far to the right North Carolina’s political debate has moved and in many cases how far out of mainstream some state leaders have become. House Speaker Thom Tillis seemed to suggest in Thursday’s debate [Continue Reading...]