A Tax Day sermon


The right’s distorted view of the American experiment Today is Tax Day – the day of the year on which Americans of all political persuasions have long grumbled about how much they have to send to Uncle Sam. And good for us for doing so; being ornery and skeptical with respect to government [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


1—number of days until Tax Day 2014, the last time almost a million North Carolina families will be able to claim the state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) that state lawmakers have allowed to expire (“First in Flight from the EITC: Low-Income Working Families Bid Farewell to North Carolina’s Earned Income Tax Credit, [Continue Reading...]

The Follies


McCrory “stepping on toes” is not the problem Governor Pat McCrory seems to think that every time people in Raleigh have questions about one of his proposals, it is because he is courageously “stepping on toes” of people in entrenched institutions who refuse to consider doing things differently. McCrory used the line in [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


765—number of voters who may have voted in North Carolina and in another state in the 2012 election, according to a report presented to a General Assembly committee last week based on information from the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program (“NC election officials identify hundreds of cases of potential voter fraud,” News & [Continue Reading...]

The Follies


More questions about ethics and new economic development nonprofit There are still many questions about Governor Pat McCrory’s plan to turn over the state’s economic development efforts to a private nonprofit, a strategy that has caused numerous problems in other states that have tried it. But McCrory’s Commerce officials are pushing ahead, despite [Continue Reading...]