Monday numbers


4—number of days since the N.C Supreme Court upheld the school voucher program passed by the General Assembly that allows taxpayer dollars to fund tuition for private and religious schools (“State’s highest court upholds school voucher program despite lack of accountability and standards, Progressive Pulse, July 23, 2015) 10 million—amount in dollars appropriated in [Continue Reading…]

A $60 million rip-off


The state Treasurer combats a stunning money grab by the insurance industry If there’s a single most maddening and nonsensical argument regularly advanced by the far right, so-called “free market” think tanks funded by the Art Popes and Koch Brothers of the world, it’s probably this: the ideology-over-common sense contention that the “genius [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


1.3 million—number of North Carolina residents who are aged 65 and older (“Caregivers at Risk: The urgent need for fair pay and paid leave for all of NC’s caregivers, ”N.C. Justice Center, June 2014) 2.2 million—projected number of North Carolina residents who will be 65 or older in 2030 (Ibid) 11—rank of North [Continue Reading…]