Monday numbers


4—number of days since the N.C Supreme Court upheld the school voucher program passed by the General Assembly that allows taxpayer dollars to fund tuition for private and religious schools (“State’s highest court upholds school voucher program despite lack of accountability and standards, Progressive Pulse, July 23, 2015) 10 million—amount in dollars appropriated in [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


1.3 million—number of North Carolina residents who are aged 65 and older (“Caregivers at Risk: The urgent need for fair pay and paid leave for all of NC’s caregivers, ”N.C. Justice Center, June 2014) 2.2 million—projected number of North Carolina residents who will be 65 or older in 2030 (Ibid) 11—rank of North [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


718—number of days since the 2013 General Assembly passed House Bill 589 making sweeping changes to state voting procedures and election laws (N.C. General Assembly, 2013 Session, House Bill 589) 700—number of days since Governor Pay McCrory signed House Bill 589 into law (Ibid) 700—number of days since two separate lawsuits were filed [Continue Reading…]

The Follies (of McCrory’s talk but no action on Confederate flag license plates)


A few days after the massacre of nine African-Americans at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston Governor Pat McCrory announced he wanted North Carolina to stop issuing specialty license plates featuring the Confederate flag. A spokesman said McCrory believed that in the wake of the shootings, “the time was right to change [Continue Reading…]

The disturbing “little-noticed provisions” snuck into the Senate budget


One of the most often used phrases these days by the media outlets that cover the General Assembly is “a little-noticed provision in the Senate 500-page budget bill…” Tuesday the News & Observer reported that a little-noticed provision in the budget document threatens special downtown tax districts that fund development agencies. The Asheville [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


29—number of states that have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (“Supreme Court Ruling Means No Reason to Delay Medicaid Expansion, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, June 26, 2015) 1—number of states (Montana) that have Medicaid expansion plans awaiting approval by the federal government (Ibid) 16 million—number of Americans who have [Continue Reading…]