Monday numbers


6.3—unemployment rate in North Carolina for Oct. 2014 (Labor and Economic Analysis Division, Department of Commerce, October 2014) 1.3—percentage points that the October 2014 unemployment rate in North Carolina remains above the December 2007 unemployment rate (N.C. Budget & Tax Center BTC analysis of Local Area Unemployment Statistics, Labor and Economic Analysis Division, [Continue Reading…]

The Follies


McCrory’s baffling reaction to Obama’s immigration policy Reaction continues to President Obama’s executive orders on immigration that will allow five million undocumented immigrants, most of them parents of children who are American citizens, to come out of the shadows and openly participate in our society without the fear of deportation. There will be [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


16.087 million—number of children living in poverty in the U.S. (Kids Count Data, Center Annie E. Casey Foundation) 22—percentage of children in the U.S. living in poverty (Ibid) 23,850—amount in dollars of the federal poverty level for a family of 4 in 2014 (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) 566,000—number of children [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


4—number of states that voted on ballot measures this election to raise the minimum wage (“Minimum wage increase wins in four red states, Politico, November 5, 2014) 1—number of states that held a nonbinding referendum on raising the minimum wage (Ibid) 5—number of states that passed a ballot measure or non-binding referendum this [Continue Reading…]

The Follies

Follies 5

GOP officials talking nice for now, but not the think-tankers For the most part top GOP officials in the state are behaving like adults after their big election win Tuesday night, keeping the gloating to a minimum, promising to get things done and work across the aisle, etc.  It will be interesting to [Continue Reading…]

Big Republican wins in a predictably Republican year


Republicans are beside themselves celebrating their election victories Tuesday and there were many, taking over the U.S. Senate, expanding their margin in the U.S. House and winning more governorships than they were projected to capture. In North Carolina, House Speaker Thom Tillis rode the national wave and defeated incumbent Democratic Senator Kay Hagan and the [Continue Reading…]

Monday numbers


(All items in this edition of Monday numbers come from the North Carolina State Board of Elections) 1,115,230—total number of votes cast by absentee ballot and in the early voting period that ended Saturday at 1:00 p.m. 1,097,524—number of votes cast at one-stop early voting sites during voting period that ended Saturday at 1:00 17.4—percentage [Continue Reading…]

The Follies


More far-right nonsense from the Lieutenant Governor Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is at it again, offering more bizarre and extreme positions on important issues facing North Carolina in yet an another appearance with a right-wing group, this time in an online conversation with Generation Opportunity, or GenOpp, a Koch brothers organization targeting millennials [Continue Reading…]