The Follies


More far-right nonsense from the Lieutenant Governor Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is at it again, offering more bizarre and extreme positions on important issues facing North Carolina in yet an another appearance with a right-wing group, this time in an online conversation with Generation Opportunity, or GenOpp, a Koch brothers organization targeting millennials [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


17—number of days since a federal judge ruled that North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, allowing the marriages to begin (“NC magistrates resign over gay marriage rulings,” Charlotte Observer, October 25, 2014) 13—number of days since the Administrative Office of the Courts released a memo informing magistrates that they could not [Continue Reading...]

The Follies


Rep. Paul Stam and more bigoted backlash to marriage equality The backlash over the federal court rulings about marriage equality in North Carolina took another ugly turn this week with the blessing and even encouragement of a top Republican official in the state, House Speaker Pro Tem Paul Stam. Stam held a news [Continue Reading...]

Demagogues and nullifiers and the last gasp of anti-equality forces in North Carolina


Almost every significant move toward justice and equality prompts a backlash. Cynical elected officials preying on ignorance and pandering to fears for their own political gain. Far-right zealots distorting the fundamental structure of our democracy to rail against an expansion of basic human rights. And extremist groups weighing in from the fringe, using [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


14.5—percentage reduction in per pupil spending in North Carolina from 2007-2008 to 2014-2015 when adjusted for inflation (“Most States Still Funding Schools Less Than Before the Recession,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, October 16, 2014) 7—-rank of North Carolina among 50 states in largest percentage of reduction in per pupil spending from [Continue Reading...]

Monday numbers


3—number of days since U.S. District Court Judge Max Cogburn of Asheville issued a ruling overturning North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage (“Federal judge strikes down NC’s same-sex marriage ban,” WRAL-TV, October 10, 2014) 30—number of states, including North Carolina, currently covered by decisions of federal courts declaring bans on same-sex marriages unconstitutional [Continue Reading...]

The Follies


Raise the minimum wage or abolish it? You don’t have to look very hard these days to see how far to the right North Carolina’s political debate has moved and in many cases how far out of mainstream some state leaders have become. House Speaker Thom Tillis seemed to suggest in Thursday’s debate [Continue Reading...]

Questions about Greensboro Islamic Academy raise more red flags about vouchers


The more details you hear about the state’s startlingly unaccountable private school voucher scheme and the questionable schools now receiving taxpayer money, the more troubling it all seems. In an election year dominated by a back and forth over education issues, it’s baffling why the problems with the voucher program that diverts public [Continue Reading...]