A glaring gap in North Carolina’s Medicaid program


Changing North Carolina’s Medicaid system has been a major topic of debate the 2014 “short session” of the General Assembly. Common to most of the proposals under consideration is the principle of “integrated health care.” Integrated health care, or “whole person care,” refers to a system that offers coordinated physical and mental/behavioral health [Continue Reading...]

North Carolina dreaming


Conservative pundit swings and misses in his defense of unemployment insurance cuts Last year North Carolina’s conservative Republican legislature got tough. It sharply reduced the duration of unemployment benefits and made them much more difficult to collect. The changes took effect at the start of July, 2013. Their story was that unemployment insurance [Continue Reading...]

Lawmakers miss opportunity to reverse course on restricting voting rights


As the General Assembly prepares to conclude the 2014 short session, it’s now clear that lawmakers will adjourn without taking action to restore the voting access policies, public financing options, limits on campaign contributions, and disclosure requirements that were stripped in last year’s omnibus voting law. Indeed, as the session winds down, lawmakers [Continue Reading...]

It’s critical to find common ground on Common Core


State lawmakers are quickly advancing legislation during the current legislative session to repeal North Carolina’s previous adoption of the Common Core Standards in education. Unfortunately, the debate on the subject has generated a lot more heat than light. Rather than focusing on the practical, in-classroom impact of raising standards, many lawmakers have fallen [Continue Reading...]

What are the limits of “parental choice” when the state is paying for it?


A recent forum in Raleigh on the topic of school vouchers brought together four ideologically diverse panelists to discuss the arguments in favor and opposed to the use of private school vouchers. The points of disagreement between the panelists were sharp, but civil, and although many of the arguments reiterated well covered territory, [Continue Reading...]

Why NC lawmakers should reverse their assaults on women’s health


(Editor’s note: In keeping with this afternoon’s Moral Monday demonstration at the North Carolina General Assembly on the issues of health and the environment, we offer the following remarks on the subject of women’s health that the author delivered at another recent Moral Mondays-Forward Together coalition event.) The state has no more fundamental [Continue Reading...]