The kids are alright


Myths and realities about America’s rising generations I’ll get to the point: our younger generation is lazy, ungrateful and spoiled. When I was growing up, our country valued ideals like hard work and community service. These days it seems like younger people don’t even care about contributing to the nation as a whole, let alone [Continue Reading…]

Asian Americans in North Carolina: The overlooked swing vote?


For the past decade, while the population of North Carolina has been rapidly growing and changing, the face of the immigrant population has mostly been of people of Hispanic descent. It is surprising, therefore, to learn that Asian Americans have actually been the fastest-growing racial minority group in the state. (Hispanics/Latinos grew faster in North [Continue Reading…]

North Carolina children need better access to healthy food: Connecting the dots between hunger, malnutrition and obesity


This Friday, October 24, is Food Day, a day to organize and learn about the biggest issues concerning food, health, and how our political and economic systems promote and/or deny health and equality. We live in the richest country in the world, so we don’t usually connect the terms “hunger,” “malnutrition,” and [Continue Reading…]

We simply must do better


North Carolina must dramatically improve education for students with disabilities Officials from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction will present an alarming report on the educational performance of students with disabilities at today’s State Board of Education meeting that calls into question the quality of education the state’s most vulnerable children receive. [Continue Reading…]

Dirty Money, Dirty Water: The repeal of public financing for judicial candidates will allow corporate polluters more influence over North Carolina courts


Editor’s note: On Tuesday, NC Policy Watch will host a Crucial Conversation luncheon on the demise of public financing for judicial campaigns in North Carolina at which Billy Corriher of the Center for American Progress will provide a preview of a new, soon-to-be-released report on the subject he has co-authored entitled “Dirty Money, [Continue Reading…]