Key pillars of a strong and fair economy are crumbling in North Carolina


A strong state Earned Income Tax Credit and a robust minimum wage are twin pillars that together form the foundation of a stronger economy — even for those with low-income jobs. Unfortunately, North Carolina state leaders recently demolished one of those pillars and are letting the other one slowly disintegrate. In North Carolina’s [Continue Reading...]

North Carolina public education and the muddled history of “parental choice”


Today, North Carolina’s K-12 public education faces multiple opponents. One culprit is the erosion of the definition of (and faith in) the concept of “the public.” “Public” has many meanings but Webster’s defines “public” as “of, pertaining to, or affecting the people as a whole,” or “done, made, acting for the people or [Continue Reading...]

The danger of militarized policing


[Editor’s note: The ongoing conflicts in Ferguson, Missouri have brought significant attention of late to the issue of America’s increasingly militarized civilian law enforcement agencies. As the following essay makes clear, however, the issue of militarized policing is an issue that has deserved attention – both in North Carolina and elsewhere – for some time.] [Continue Reading...]

Eugenics compensation efforts coming up woefully short of what is necessary


Recent news that the North Carolina Industrial Commission has denied more than 300 claims for compensation from the $10 million Eugenics Compensation Fund and allowed just 180 of the nearly 800 claims filed may come as some surprise in light of the State’s admission to forcibly sterilizing more than 7,600 people—including over 2,000 [Continue Reading...]