Monday education numbers


95,000-plus—Number of public school teachers in North Carolina   $45,938—Average North Carolina teacher compensation 2011-12 (“Facts and Figures 2012-13” –   $55,418—U.S. average (ibid.)   46—North Carolina’s national ranking in teacher pay (“Smart Money: Investing in education promotes student success,” N.C. Budget and Tax Center and the Education [Continue Reading…]

Summertime madness


It’s time to end the 2013 legislative session You know the folks running the North Carolina General Assembly have run out of steam (and pretty much any last semblance of intellectual legitimacy) when the only excuse/explanation they can muster for the current political morass in Raleigh is: “The Democrats did it too.” Yet [Continue Reading…]

The battle lines become clear

Education rally

Governor Perdue and average North Carolinians vs. conservative ideologues and the moneyed interests Events are moving fast in Raleigh these days. Tired of waiting for Republicans running the General Assembly to pass legislation that would restore unemployment benefits to tens of thousands of deserving workers and their families, Governor Beverly Perdue, in effect, said, [Continue Reading…]