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Setting the Record Straight

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East Carolina officials fumble national anthem controversy

Banning courageous, peaceful protests and bowing to haters is no way for university officials to act

There’s been a great deal of hubbub inside the right-wing echo chamber in recent years about a supposed wave of “political correctness” and free speech “suppression” that has infected American college campuses. According to this narrative, conservative students and academics are constantly squelched in their efforts to exercise their First Amendment rights by “intolerant, leftist” administrators who, it is claimed, are bent upon stifling views with which they disagree.

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Featured Articles Setting the Record Straight

Whitewashing history

New Supreme Court filing shines a spotlight on the disturbing effort to erase the Racial Justice Act

If you’re a student of world history, you will recall that one of the many horrific practices of the dictatorship in the old Soviet Union was the “purge.” Periodically, members of the Communist Party would run afoul of Stalin or some other boss and find themselves not just banished from the party (or worse), but literally excised from history.

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Payday loans
Setting the Record Straight

Feds to issue new rules on “payday” and “car title” lending; Here’s why North Carolinians should be paying very close attention

North Carolinians can be forgiven if they haven’t thought a lot about the predatory “payday lending” business in recent years. Indeed, it was one of the great accomplishments of our state government in the early part of the last decade when it officially ended North Carolina’s four-year experiment with the business and made these inherently predatory loans illegal. The last of the payday shops was chased out of the state in 2006. Since that time, there have been periodic efforts to bring the practice back into North Carolina, but consumer advocates have repeatedly succeeded in beating them back.

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Featured Articles Setting the Record Straight

The NC Chamber comes clean about its cynical opportunism on HB2

Ever since North Carolina lawmakers and Governor Pat McCrory rammed through North Carolina’s new all-purpose discrimination law (HB2) in just a handful of hours on March 23, there has been widespread speculation about the motives and role in ...
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Featured Articles Setting the Record Straight

An attempt at “dialogue” over HB2

Responding to the "bathroom predator" argument

Yesterday, after recording a segment for the Time-Warner Cable news show, Capitol Tonight, I had a parking lot discussion with a John Locke Foundation staffer about House Bill 2. As you may be aware, HB2 has actually been a divisive issue for some North Carolina conservatives. While many on the religious and Tea Party right have championed the law and, indeed, demanded that lawmakers sign a loyalty pledge to never add sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression to any state law or nondiscrimination policy (a demand since "rescinded"), other conservatives are clearly less passionate about the law.

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Setting the Record Straight

Veterans deserve more than parades

Steps we should take if we’re really serious about helping those who’ve served our country American politicians have a strange relationship with those who serve in the military. On the one hand, most love to pay lip service ...
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Setting the Record Straight

Stepping on toes or tripping over his own feet?

Veto defeats, tax cut proposal punctuate another lousy week for the Governor Last Wednesday, in a column entitled “McCrory’s defining moments,” Chris Fitzsimon rightfully pointed out that North Carolina’s embattled chief executive was approaching some bellwether days in ...
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Grade F
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Grades for a roller-coaster week in Raleigh

Well, that was quite an up and down week in the North Carolina public policy arena. One minute, caring and thinking people were feeling encouraged and hopeful that common sense and relative moderation were mounting a serious comeback ...
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A dishonest and destructive assault on freedom

Proponents misrepresent anti-abortion bill that targets poor women The North Carolina House abandoned its recent flirtation with moderation yesterday by moving a radical new proposal to the House floor that would further restrict abortions. The legislation, which was ...
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Turning a blind eye to human suffering

Misplaced priorities on unemployment insurance symbolize the callousness of conservative policies If a person wanted to understand what’s wrong with North Carolina’s government these days and how the folks in charge have lost sight of the forest in ...
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One of the right’s most perplexing positions

Conservatives advocate to keep community college unaffordable There are a lot of troubling policies that hold sway in the North Carolina education world these days. From the private school vouchers and Rube Goldberg teacher pay plan implemented this ...
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Capitalism? Socialism? Fascism?

Crude labeling is not helping the debate There’s a bit of dark humor in the wacky world of online political discourse about how few back-and-forth comments it typically takes before someone accuses his or her adversary of being ...
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Lawmakers try to have it both ways

Budget conferees change their rhetoric on the role of government, but not the underlying policies that undermine it Those who attended or watched online yesterday as conferees debated next steps in resolving the stalemate between the House and ...
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Monday education numbers

95,000-plus—Number of public school teachers in North Carolina   $45,938—Average North Carolina teacher compensation 2011-12 (“Facts and Figures 2012-13” –   $55,418—U.S. average (ibid.)   46—North Carolina’s national ranking in teacher pay (“Smart Money: Investing in education ...
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There he goes again

Governor misleads on tax outcomes in letter to the editor As noted at some length yesterday, Governor McCrory gave a remarkable pair of interviews to two Charlotte news outlets recently in which he complained mightily about the criticisms ...
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Summertime madness

It’s time to end the 2013 legislative session You know the folks running the North Carolina General Assembly have run out of steam (and pretty much any last semblance of intellectual legitimacy) when the only excuse/explanation they can ...
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