Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

Steps we should take if we’re really serious about helping those who’ve served our country American politicians have a strange relationship with those who serve in the military. On the one hand, most love to pay lip service ...
Setting the Record Straight

Veto defeats, tax cut proposal punctuate another lousy week for the Governor Last Wednesday, in a column entitled “McCrory’s defining moments,” Chris Fitzsimon rightfully pointed out that North Carolina’s embattled chief executive was approaching some bellwether days in ...
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Grade F
Setting the Record Straight

Well, that was quite an up and down week in the North Carolina public policy arena. One minute, caring and thinking people were feeling encouraged and hopeful that common sense and relative moderation were mounting a serious comeback ...
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Setting the Record Straight

Proponents misrepresent anti-abortion bill that targets poor women The North Carolina House abandoned its recent flirtation with moderation yesterday by moving a radical new proposal to the House floor that would further restrict abortions. The legislation, which was ...
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Setting the Record Straight

Misplaced priorities on unemployment insurance symbolize the callousness of conservative policies If a person wanted to understand what’s wrong with North Carolina’s government these days and how the folks in charge have lost sight of the forest in ...
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Setting the Record Straight

Conservatives advocate to keep community college unaffordable There are a lot of troubling policies that hold sway in the North Carolina education world these days. From the private school vouchers and Rube Goldberg teacher pay plan implemented this ...
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Setting the Record Straight

Crude labeling is not helping the debate There’s a bit of dark humor in the wacky world of online political discourse about how few back-and-forth comments it typically takes before someone accuses his or her adversary of being ...
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Setting the Record Straight

Budget conferees change their rhetoric on the role of government, but not the underlying policies that undermine it Those who attended or watched online yesterday as conferees debated next steps in resolving the stalemate between the House and ...
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Setting the Record Straight

95,000-plus—Number of public school teachers in North Carolina   $45,938—Average North Carolina teacher compensation 2011-12 (“Facts and Figures 2012-13” –   $55,418—U.S. average (ibid.)   46—North Carolina’s national ranking in teacher pay (“Smart Money: Investing in education ...
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Setting the Record Straight

Governor misleads on tax outcomes in letter to the editor As noted at some length yesterday, Governor McCrory gave a remarkable pair of interviews to two Charlotte news outlets recently in which he complained mightily about the criticisms ...
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Setting the Record Straight

It’s time to end the 2013 legislative session You know the folks running the North Carolina General Assembly have run out of steam (and pretty much any last semblance of intellectual legitimacy) when the only excuse/explanation they can ...
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Setting the Record Straight

Charting the Right’s voracious appetite for rolling back progress and settling old scores At the end of the 2011-12 North Carolina General Assembly, more than one caring and thoughtful progressive took a look at the damage inflicted by ...
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Big money
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Big money solidifies its iron grip on the state political system right before our eyes There’s an old adage that money is “the mother’s milk of politics.” And it’s a truism that’s long been hard to deny. From the ...
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Setting the Record Straight

How right-wing mythology has helped warp our market economy It’s one of the biggest and most destructive myths about capitalism and the “free market,” but it is also – sadly – something that most Americans of varying political ...
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Setting the Record Straight

State Senate tries to coerce public schools into performing better    There’s an old bit of dark humor that often finds its way onto the bulletin boards and refrigerators in a lot of American workplaces. It goes something ...
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