The jig is up, comrades; head for the hills!


Intrepid Civitas sleuths have unearthed our vast and shadowy network Urgent Memorandum To: All current and former assets in the Vast and Shadowy Network of Leftist North Carolina Activists (“VSNLNCA” aka “VSN-NC”) From: Agent R-JC-PW-2 Date: 1/28/15 Re: Abort all subversive activities immediately; report to previously designated site (see below) for further instructions [Continue Reading…]

An anniversary to be mourned and used as a call to action


A ruinous national experiment enters its sixth year today Despite its countless attributes and accomplishments, the United States has experienced more than its share of disastrous laws, political eras and policy experiments since its founding 238 years ago. It took 89 years to officially eradicate slavery and we’re still combating its poisonous legacy. [Continue Reading…]