Even more dangerous than vouchers?


Latest House education proposal would dramatically hasten public school privatization As the 2015 session of the North Carolina General Assembly stumbles along through its eighth calendar month with no real end yet in sight, you’d think state lawmakers might be looking for ways to find common ground, bring things to a responsible conclusion and, well, [Continue Reading…]

A $60 million rip-off


The state Treasurer combats a stunning money grab by the insurance industry If there’s a single most maddening and nonsensical argument regularly advanced by the far right, so-called “free market” think tanks funded by the Art Popes and Koch Brothers of the world, it’s probably this: the ideology-over-common sense contention that the “genius [Continue Reading…]

A breathtaking (literally) attack on the environment


The astonishing scope of the Senate’s latest polluter protection bill Quick: What’s the most terrifying environmental threat that confronts long-term human wellbeing? Global warming? Loss of topsoil and desertification? Air, soil and water pollution? Overpopulation? Deforestation? Uncontrolled sprawl? The rapid growth in toxic and nuclear waste? The growing number of species extinctions and [Continue Reading…]

Hints of hope amongst the carnage


Average North Carolinians are pushing back against the gun fundamentalists…and winning It’s hard to feel very optimistic about much of anything in the aftermath of last week’s horrific tragedy/terrorist act in South Carolina. The idea that a hate-filled sociopath could and would enter a sanctuary of peace and then execute nine innocent, welcoming [Continue Reading…]

Mixed messages for whistleblowers?


Editor’s note: Governor Pat McCrory issued a veto for HB 405 (the so-called Ag-Gag bill) on Friday urging lawmakers to add protections for employees who report illegal activities to authorities. “Ag Gag” proposal, “Burt’s Law” push in opposite directions Governor McCrory signed a bill yesterday that is designed to spur action from would-be [Continue Reading…]