A Veterans Day no-brainer


Law protecting military personnel from predatory lenders is badly in need of update, expansion Politicians of all stripes love to profess their dedication to and affection for the military and for men and women in uniform. This is especially true on days like today when the combination of waving flags, martial music and solemn [Continue Reading…]

The agenda starting tomorrow


Regardless of what happens today, North Carolina’s greatest policy challenge is increasingly clear It’s one of the great conundrums of modern society: All around us, images of wealth, comfort, individual freedom and swiftly advancing technology tell a story of promise and progress. For millions and millions of people, life really is safer, freer, [Continue Reading…]

The rising solar wave


Despite the right wing’s cynical sabotage efforts, the momentum for solar energy keeps building Looking for some good news on what can seem at times these days to be a rather bleak public policy landscape? Well, here’s some that ought to keep you going for a while and maybe even renew your faith [Continue Reading…]

Putting a face on voter suppression


Report details the real life havoc that North Carolina’s controversial new voting laws are wreaking There’s been a lot of sobering – even horrifying and unspeakable – news scrolling across our TV’s, computer screens and personal devices in recent weeks. Thanks to modern communications technology, violent images that once existed only in the [Continue Reading…]