The great coal ash blunder


Big money, ideology and egos conspire to leave one of North Carolina’s greatest environmental threats unaddressed The seemingly endless 2014 “short session” of the North Carolina General Assembly is not yet over as of this morning. More than six weeks after the start of the new fiscal year – i.e. the date that [Continue Reading...]

Pandering on the refugee crisis


Governor McCrory wades unhelpfully into the immigration debate It’s a time-honored tradition for politicians who find their popularity lagging at home: pick or manufacture an external issue/enemy (ideally one over which he or she has no real duties or control) and start railing. This can be an especially attractive tactic for conservative officials [Continue Reading...]

A simple lack of respect


The right sinks to a new low with latest accusations against Moral Mondays protests There are a lot of reasons that thousands of North Carolinians have remained motivated to devote big chunks of time from their busy lives to attending Moral Monday events at the state Legislative Building over the past year-plus: the [Continue Reading...]

Rousing a sleeping giant


Why politicians of both parties may rue the awakening of North Carolina’s progressive movement There is a bit of mythology percolating through the mainstream news media these days that the Moral Mondays/Forward Together movement led by Rev. William Barber of the North Carolina NAACP is somehow acting as stalking horse for the state [Continue Reading...]

Hear no protests, see no protests


Lawmakers swing and miss again with new restrictions on Legislative Building access Anyone who has ever held a position of power and authority has experienced the temptation to tune out and/or stifle criticism. Whether it’s parents dealing with kids, workplace supervisors interacting with employees or powerful national leaders feeling the heat from the [Continue Reading...]