Hints of hope amongst the carnage


Average North Carolinians are pushing back against the gun fundamentalists…and winning It’s hard to feel very optimistic about much of anything in the aftermath of last week’s horrific tragedy/terrorist act in South Carolina. The idea that a hate-filled sociopath could and would enter a sanctuary of peace and then execute nine innocent, welcoming [Continue Reading…]

Mixed messages for whistleblowers?


Editor’s note: Governor Pat McCrory issued a veto for HB 405 (the so-called Ag-Gag bill) on Friday urging lawmakers to add protections for employees who report illegal activities to authorities. “Ag Gag” proposal, “Burt’s Law” push in opposite directions Governor McCrory signed a bill yesterday that is designed to spur action from would-be [Continue Reading…]

The slumlord approach to government


Understanding McCrory’s destructive unemployment insurance system “fix” State political leaders held a self-congratulatory press conference on Tuesday at which they took credit for the earlier-than-scheduled payoff of North Carolina’s unemployment insurance debt to the federal government. According to Governor Pat McCrory, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore, conservative [Continue Reading…]

McCrory’s folly?


Grim anniversary reminds us that Governor’s proposal for offshore drilling is fraught with danger In case you missed it (or maybe just tried to forget it), this week marks the fifth anniversary of an especially dark event in modern American history. Five years ago yesterday, the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig exploded and [Continue Reading…]

Who asked for this?


Lawmakers disregard public opinion and the common good with anti-consumer bills The process of crafting new laws in a state legislature can be a mysterious and confusing process a lot of the time—especially to average citizens who don’t have the time or capacity to follow along closely. Even for activists, it can often [Continue Reading…]

The growing momentum for tuition equity


Why forces opposed to helping immigrant kids find themselves increasingly isolated The recent and encouraging national progress in resisting efforts to discriminate against LGBT Americans feels very much as if it is reaching the proverbial “tipping point.” Just a few years back, even genuinely progressive politicians were tiptoeing gingerly around the issue. Today, [Continue Reading…]