A Tax Day sermon


The right’s distorted view of the American experiment Today is Tax Day – the day of the year on which Americans of all political persuasions have long grumbled about how much they have to send to Uncle Sam. And good for us for doing so; being ornery and skeptical with respect to government [Continue Reading...]

Five basic things you should know about the state of the economy


Key takeaways from last week’s talk by acclaimed economist Dean Baker Economics can be a dry and difficult subject. Unfortunately, this reality has often led many progressives to simply cede the field to conservative free market fundamentalists, who typically have – not surprisingly – better funding from the corporate powers-that-be and bigger and [Continue Reading...]

Mythmaking with partisan labels


Whatever the party name, conservatives have usually called the shots in North Carolina See if you’ve heard the following description of the current political situation in North Carolina (you probably have as it has appeared in dozens of major news stories over the past couple of years): “In North Carolina, conservative Republicans now control all [Continue Reading...]

Wall Street values on Jones Street


The moral decline of modern capitalism infects North Carolina state government There are lots of insidious ways in which the unfettered greed and inequality of 21st Century capitalism are infecting and damaging our government. The most obvious and direct, of course, is the way in which the wealthy plutocrats and giant corporate interests [Continue Reading...]

Political climate change?


Heat builds on state’s conservative leaders, but their actions remain wanting It’s been several months since the North Carolina General Assembly adjourned the 2013 long session last July and there’s no mistaking the altered vibe that now pervades the state capital. When legislators left town last summer there was an almost tangible sense [Continue Reading...]