Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

We wrap-up National Teacher Appreciation Week with 3 veteran NC teachers who share what they really need to feel appreciated by state legislators.

State budget director Charles Perusse discusses North Carolina’s remarkable growth and the need for greater investment in education, infrastructure as well as Medicaid expansion.

Michelle Laws (L) and Deby Dihoff (R) of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-NC) discuss our state’s daunting mental health needs and some initiatives policymakers ought to be making a priority.

Kelly Tornow of the Center for Responsible Lending discusses a new study on the shortcoming of for-profit colleges and the debt-load those students face versus those who attend traditional public four-year institutions. Learn more about the failings of for-profit colleges.

Common Cause of North Carolina executive director Bob Phillips talks political corruption, voting rights and gerrymandering reform.

National health policy expert Adam Searing on why it’s long past time for North Carolina to join the majority of states and close the Medicaid coverage GAP. Searing with the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy’s Center for Children and Families also discusses President Trump’s latest promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

One in seven drivers in North Carolina have a suspended driver’s license according to a new study by Duke Law professor Brandon Garrett. The research shows minority drivers are most impacted by the suspensions. Garrett says new state laws are needed to adequately address the issue. “It’s one of the most counterproductive punishments you can imagine,” Garrett said. “You can’t pay a fine, so we are going to take away the ability for you to earn your livelihood or get medical care that you need or take your kids to school. It doesn’t make any  sense.”

Representative Marcia Morey updates us on the legislative session and her bills to combat gun violence and bring equality to LGBT North Carolinians.

NC Policy Watch Courts & Law reporter Melissa Boughton discusses her visit to the U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments in North Carolina’s historic gerrymandering cases.

Allan Freyer of the Workers’ Rights Project and Chanelle ‘C.C.’ Croxton of the National Domestic Workers Alliance discuss the growing movement to raise North Carolina’s obsolete minimum wage. Proposed legislation (House bill  366) would raise the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 by 2024.

Legendary Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Hedrick Smith discusses the fight that citizens all over the country are waging to end political gerrymandering and win back our democracy.

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