Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

On Nov. 29, WRAL will broadcast a special, behind-the-scenes look at the reporters, photographers and support staff who rode out Hurricane Florence. “75 Hours” premieres Thursday, November 29 at 7 p.m. on WRAL-TV, WILM-TV,, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku.

Rep. Graig Meyer joins us to discuss lessons learned from the midterm elections with a look ahead to the special session coming up November 27th.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Mandy Cohen discusses Hurricane Florence recovery, Medicaid reform and expansion, the state’s opioid crisis and the best way to avoid the flu this winter.

Meredith College Political Scientist David McLennan discusses takeaways from the 2018 mid-term elections, the repudiation of Trump and the possibility of Medicaid expansion in North Carolina.

Rep. Grier Martin discusses the end of the GOP Supermajority in the state legislature, the prospect of ending gerrymandering and concerns about the upcoming lame duck, special session.

Jennifer Copeland, Executive Director of the NC Council of Churches, discusses efforts to combat gun violence and the recent irrational fears about immigrants.

Rick Glazier, Executive Director of the NC Justice Center, discusses the vital importance of the mid-term elections and the special legislative session that follows.

Kate Woomer-Deters, Staff Attorney, Immigrant Rights Project.
Veteran immigration rights attorney Kate Woomer-Deters discusses birthright citizenship, the restrictive ‘public charge’ rule, and the latest anti-immigration proposals being advanced by the Trump administration. Learn more about the ‘public charge’ rule here.

Michael Mitchell with the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities discusses state cuts to higher education that threaten access and equity. Read the CBPP’s new report: Unkept Promises.

Budget & Tax Center analyst Brian Kennedy on the enormous challenges involving race and poverty exposed by Hurricane Florence.

Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Ward on the long road to recovery for students and teachers affected by the hurricane. Ward chairs the Florence Aid to Students and Teachers of North Carolina – FAST NC. FAST NC will take donations through the existing NC Education Fund and will work with local superintendents, charter school directors, and statewide associations to identify needs and direct funding.

Sarah Gillooly discusses the American Civil Liberties Union’s Campaign for Smart Justice and efforts to cut North Carolina’s debilitating incarceration rate. Read the ACLU’s full report here.

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