Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

As the federal government gets back on track, Patrick McHugh, Senior Public Policy Analyst with the NC Budget & Tax Center, discusses lessons learned from the longest government shutdown in our history.

Same-sex couples in North Carolina won the freedom to marry in 2014, but LGBTQ people continue to be denied equal protection under the law in many other areas of life. North Carolina is currently the only state in the nation that prevents those in same-sex relationships from accessing protective orders for domestic violence. The ACLU of North Carolina is challenging that unequal policy in court on behalf of a survivor of domestic violence who was denied a protective order because the person who made violent threats against her was a woman.

ACLU legal director Chris Brook discusses the need to end discrimination in NC’s domestic violence law, and the latest on the continuing cost of HB2/HB142.

SAS CEO, Dr. Jim Goodnight, and North Carolina business leaders recently released a new report with recommendations on North Carolina’s funding structure for NC Pre-K to support the program’s expansion. The report is authored by National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER).

Susan Gates, Special Advisor on Education for SAS, discusses the research that confirms high-quality early learning programs increase academic proficiency, graduation rates, post-secondary education enrollment, and skills needed in our global economy.

NC Justice Center Executive Director Rick Glazier reflects on the developments at UNC, the departure of Chancellor Folt and looks ahead to the 2019 legislative session.

Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling discusses the 2020 election campaign and how the numbers are shaping up for the candidates for President, Senate, and Governor.

Matt Ellinwood, director of the Education & Law Project of the NC Justice Center, discusses the upcoming legislative session, a multi-billion dollar school bond initiative, and why early childhood literacy rates continue to suffer due to a lack of resources.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are among the fastest growing groups of North Carolinians in the 21st Century. However there have been no one on the state policy scene who could speak with an informed voice about the needs of these communities. Chavi Koneru and Ricky Leung, co-founders of North Carolina Asian Americans Together, join us this week to discuss the mission of their organization, voting rights, increasing representation in elected office and the importance of the 2020 Census.

Jane Pinsky, Director of the NC Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform discusses election irregularities in NC’s 9th congressional district, the flawed ethics investigation process and the need for nonpartisan redistricting reform.

Will Munn, policy analyst with the NC Budget & Tax Center discusses his report Powering Up Prosperity: Accelerating Businesses of Color in North Carolina. Other issues discussed: race, the economy, and how business accelerators can boost minority-owned businesses.

Morgan Wittman Gramann, Director of the North Carolina Alliance for Health discusses teen tobacco use and vaping, obesity prevention and the need to combat chronic health problems in our state.

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