Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

Senator Mike Woodard discusses Medicaid expansion, funding needs for NC’s public schools and automatic voter registration.

Kris Nordstrom with the Education & Law Project discusses North Carolina’s dire school facilities problem and how members of the NC House and Senate hope to tackle the issue.

Lauren Fox, Senior Director of Policy for the Public School Forum of North Carolina, discusses the chronic, growing gap in public school funding. Read the Forum’s latest Local School Finance Study.

Christina Adeleke of the NC AIDS Action Network and Marvin Anderson of the Southern AIDS Coalition discuss the latest healthcare advances and why the South experiences the greatest burden of HIV/AIDS infection and illness of any region in the U.S. and what can be done to change that.

Whitney Tucker, Director of Research for NC Child, joins us to discuss childhood poverty, North Carolina’s latest child health report card and the troubling rise in youth suicides.

With U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids on the rise, we’ll hear from senior immigrant and refugee rights attorney Raul Pinto with the NC Justice Center.

Representative Cynthia Ball discusses Medicaid expansion, a fix to gerrymandering and legislation to clear the backlog of untested sexual assault kits.

Tom Ross, former UNC System President and co-chair of North Carolinians for Redistricting Reform, discusses legislation to reform the redistricting process in North Carolina through an amendment to the state constitution that places guardrails on how legislators can draw voting districts.

Peggy Nicholson of the Youth Justice Project discusses her organization’s efforts to bring a measure of racial equity to our schools and end the school-to-prison pipeline. Learn more about the 2019 Racial Equity Report Cards.

Virginia Knowlton Marcus, CEO for Disability Rights North Carolina discusses the work of Disability Rights and the findings of a new study that concludes federal, state and local emergency management officials must do more to ensure the well-being of people with disabilities during natural disasters.

Brandon Garrett, the L. Neil Williams, Jr. Professor of Law at Duke University, discusses new research that concludes North Carolina should end the sentence of life without parole for juvenile offenders.

New data from the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) shows for-profit college students continue to be less likely to graduate than their counterparts at public or private nonprofit institutions. These student-borrowers carry more debt regardless of whether they graduate, and they default on that debt at higher rates, often because a for-profit college degree does not provide the anticipated access to higher-paying jobs. Kelly Tornow, Director of North Carolina Policy at the Center, discusses the findings. Learn more: The State of For-Profit Colleges.

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