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Speaker Thom Tillis has declared this “Education Week” in the House and has invited school superintendents and top principals from across the state to participate in question and answer sessions in the House chamber. That’s a good idea. ...
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House Finance Committee rams through unemployment insurance rewrite

Cross-posted from The Progressive Pulse As expected, Republican members of the North Carolina House Finance Committee quickly approved a massive overhaul of state unemployment insurance law this morning. In just over an hour and half, the Committee explained, ...
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The North Carolina State Board of Education approved measures Thursday that will add rigor to the charter school application process and temporarily delay plans to renew the charter of a controversial school serving at-risk students in Morehead City. ...
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Two stories in the latest of flurry of election news are especially disturbing and graphic reminders of how perverted our democracy has become by the deluge of special interest money. One is making headlines. The other is just ...
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ff-bill friday
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The last speaker at the memorial service Wednesday for former UNC President William Friday was his longtime assistant Virginia Taylor who told the audience in Memorial Hall on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus that the torch of Bill Friday’s ...
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You don’t have to listen to the political debate in North Carolina for long before someone brings up the $2.8 billion the state owes the federal government for unemployment insurance funds the state borrowed to provide the desperately ...
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These two votes about say it all

Last night’s session of the House of Representatives was sadly emblematic of the 2011 session. Late into the night, lawmakers shoveled bill after bill out the door — many of them hugely regressive and counterproductive. It was toward ...
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Senate Repubs repeal their own process rule

As today’s Weekly Briefing makes clear, the Republicans’ promising start to the 2011 session is quickly degenerating into a chaotic conclusion. Further evidence of this was provided last night when the Senate Rules Committee Chair moved to suspend ...
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Members of the House Business Lobbyist’s Commerce Committee will take up what appears to be one of the more nonsensical legislative proposals of the session this morning. The subject matter is that most unpleasant of topics — bedbugs. As most everyone ...
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Senator Don East
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It’s hard to keep track of all the absurd gibberish coming out of the General Assembly these days. This is especially true in the numerous committee meetings in which no reporter or microphone is likely to be present. Occasionally, however, a lawmaker will ...
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Senate Dem leader lambastes latest budget proposal

Senate Minority Leader Martin Nesbitt expressed great frustration this morning at the latest overnight rewrite of the Senate budget. Nesbitt strongly attacked both the process involved as well as the substance of the new version that was apparently ...
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Fay Walton wrote out a suicide note last week, letting the thought of being worth more dead than alive step out from where it lurked in the back of her head. “If I just end it, maybe there’s ...
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After yesterday’s maddening budget exercise in the Senate, the big action on Jones Street shifts to the House of Representatives today. At noon, the House Banking Committee will again take up House Bill 810 — the conservatives’ gift to ...
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Emergency siren
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Activists and advocates concerned about the policy choices advanced by the conservative majorities at the General Assembly this year will convene a “people’s hearing” this afternoon at the General Assembly. The event is slated for 4:00 pm in ...
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Senate trots out its budget proposal

The North Carolina Senate Republicans released their budget and tax proposals this morning. For the most part, there is little to distinguish them from the disappointing efforts of their House colleagues. Here is one, initial take.   If you’re interested ...
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