The jobs “miracle” that never happened

Job market

North Carolina is still lagging the nation in job creation and unemployment The McCrory administration, state legislative leaders and conservative advocacy groups have been making repeated claims of late that their policies are responsible for turning around the state’s economy after the Great Recession. Unfortunately, the data don’t support this conclusion. In fact, a [Continue Reading…]

Workers label federal budget deal “missed opportunity” and call for new revenues from closing corporate loopholes


As details continued to emerge throughout the day about a possible short-term Federal budget deal for 2014 and 2015, it’s become increasingly clear that the deal represents a missed opportunity for a long-term resolution to our nations’ budget challenges and a bad deal for America’s workers. Although completing any deal is a step [Continue Reading…]

North Carolina continues to lag nation in job creation and is moving in the wrong direction


Despite recent superficial improvement in North Carolina’s unemployment rate, persistent joblessness continues to plague the state’s workers and hinder the state’s recovery from the Great Recession. In recent years, North Carolina has consistently lagged the nation in reducing unemployment—a trend that appears to be getting worse. At first glance, the news that the [Continue Reading…]

Profiles in tax avoidance: Yum! Brands

Yum! Brands

When Thanksgiving rolls around, no one wants to watch someone else eat all the turkey and then have to pick up the grocery bill all by oneself. But that’s what’s happening in our nation’s budget debate — highly profitable multinational corporations are using special tax loopholes, credits, deductions and outright giveaways to avoid paying their [Continue Reading…]

Report: Changes to GED test could create obstacles for low-income, low-skilled adults


On January 1, 2014, significant changes to the General Education Development (GED) test will take effect, potentially creating significant obstacles for low-income and low-skilled adults, according to a new report from the North Carolina Justice Center. After 70 years of being administered by the non-profit American Council on Education, the GED will become [Continue Reading…]

Report: State’s reduced support for education jeopardizes gains in student performance


North Carolina’s state support for education and other public investments is below its 40-year average, jeopardizing gains in student performance and the state’s economic future, according to a new report from the North Carolina Justice Center. A renewed commitment to investing in education will help improve student outcomes, reduce the achievement [Continue Reading…]

Profiles in tax avoidance: IBM


As Congress debates the federal budget, it is critically important to raise new revenues that can support our nation’s long-term economic recovery. One excellent source of new revenues involves the billions of dollars in corporate tax loopholes, deductions, credits and outright giveaways that allow too many multinational corporations to avoid paying their fair share of [Continue Reading…]