Monday numbers


0–number of new restrictions on a woman’s right to obtain an abortion that gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory said he would approve if elected Governor during a 2012 debate. ( 1—number of words (“None”) in McCrory’s response to reporter Laura Leslie’s question on the subject during the debate: “If you’re elected Governor, what [Continue Reading…]

NC Policy Watch top stories of 2014: Why the 2015 state budget undermines North Carolina’s competitiveness


[Editor’s note: During the holidays, NC Policy Watch is taking a look back at 2014 by featuring some of our top news stories and commentaries from the past 12 months. We hope you will enjoy them and feel inspired to participate in the state policy debate in 2015.] State investments in education, health care, [Continue Reading…]

Numbers you should know about Obamacare in NC

Medicaid gap

New fact sheet: “The Affordable Care Act is working in North Carolina”   [Editor’s note: Health policy experts at the Washington, DC-based Center for American Progress released the following very encouraging, numbers-driven fact sheet today about the growing success of the Affordable Care Act in North Carolina and its brightening prospects in the [Continue Reading…]

Update: Why the 2015 state budget undermines North Carolina’s competitiveness


State investments in education, health care, infrastructure and other priorities are essential for economic opportunity and quality of life. Yet, North Carolina’s 2015 state budget is unsustainable and inadequate. It undermines North Carolina’s economic competitiveness by not meeting the needs of North Carolina families and communities. This will continue to be a problem [Continue Reading…]

New poll finds broad support for good, quality jobs for all


The results show North Carolinians back living wage standards, minimum wages and paid sick leave across all political affiliations [Editor’s note: As the 2014 session of the North Carolina General Assembly lists slowly and painfully toward its conclusion, many important subjects remain unaddressed or still in dispute. Unfortunately, one area in which legislative [Continue Reading…]