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Skyrocketing costs, lack of public investments leave thousands of families in an impossible situation As families increasingly rely on both parents to work in order to make ends meet, child care is ever more important for promoting healthy ...
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New budget leaves state ill-equipped to promote prosperity or even meet basic needs   State lawmakers concluded their 2015 session this week with a flurry of activity on a host of important substantive and controversial issues. Indeed, there was ...
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Yesterday, state legislative leaders unveiled a joint budget deal that again puts North Carolina on the wrong track by pursuing deeper tax cuts at the expense of strengthening public education, public health and safety, and the other building ...
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New report paints a sobering picture of North Carolina’s post-Great Recession recovery The Great Recession of the last decade that battered the North Carolina economy and sent state tax revenues into a tailspin ended, officially at least, more ...
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Fair wages for home care workers improve continuity of care and strengthen the local economy Low wages for caregivers threaten the quality and consistency of in-home healthcare services provided to seniors, even as demand those services is expected ...
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Working parents and their children would receive significant help with health insurance coverage if North Carolina implements a plan to accept federal Medicaid funding set aside for North Carolina, according to a new report released today by the ...
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0–number of new restrictions on a woman’s right to obtain an abortion that gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory said he would approve if elected Governor during a 2012 debate. ( 1—number of words (“None”) in McCrory’s response to reporter ...
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North Carolina’s immigrant population has become a crucial contributor to the state’s economic vitality, according to a new report from the Budget & Tax Center, a project of the NC Justice Center. The quickening and changing reality of ...
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Study finds state has higher rates of deep poverty and child poverty than majority of U.S. Poverty in North Carolina either climbed or stayed steady from 2007 to 2013, despite the economic recovery, according to a new report ...
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Governor McCrory’s budget is anticipated as early as this week. The choices made in this budget will either allow the state to help rebuild pathways to economic opportunity or continue to reroute badly needed resources for that endeavor ...
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Paying for investments that spread prosperity (Editor’s note: The following is excerpted from a recent BTC Brief released by the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center.) North Carolina’s ability to compete and thrive in a dynamic 21st century ...
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[Editor’s note: During the holidays, NC Policy Watch is taking a look back at 2014 by featuring some of our top news stories and commentaries from the past 12 months. We hope you will enjoy them and feel ...
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[Editor’s note: As many N.C. Policy Watch readers are aware, the issue of how to teach U.S. history has been much in the news of late as the result of steps taken by the General Assembly and the ...
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Medicaid gap
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New fact sheet: “The Affordable Care Act is working in North Carolina”   [Editor’s note: Health policy experts at the Washington, DC-based Center for American Progress released the following very encouraging, numbers-driven fact sheet today about the growing success ...
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NC Policy Watch: A Decade of People, Politics and Policy Buy your tickets now! Sponsorships also available It’s hard to believe, but it has been 10 years since we started NC Policy Watch to counter the state’s large, ...
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