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Must Reads The Devil's in the Details

This article is part of a series contrasting budget cut options identified by NC General Assembly joint appropriations subcommittees with revenue options that would preserve decades of public investment in the economic and social advancement of North Carolina. ...
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Weekly Briefing

A seemingly innocuous breast cancer bill demonstrates the right’s cynical approach to government There are a lot of big bills on important topics being rammed through the General Assembly during the early weeks of the 2011 session. The ...
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Legislator Profiles Policy Watch Investigates

The Republican takeover of the N.C. legislature, the first time the GOP has led both houses since 1898, is a huge shift in power that’s brought a lot of new faces, and people new to doing business on ...
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North Carolina Government Sites

About North Carolina Campaigns/Elections Education Medicaid National Government North Carolina Government Executive Branch Judicial Branch Legislative Branch About North Carolina North Carolina State Agencies Comprehensive list of all the NC State Agencies, which includes links to agency’s websites, ...
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How private is your “private” medical information?

Do you know who's peeking at your private medical information? Who do you think should be? ...
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When the last resort becomes standard practice

Damning report show that North Carolina is still warehousing the mentally ill in rest homes

Every now and then, something comes to light in the world of public policy that makes you stop in your tracks and question the humanity of the society in which you live (and maybe even your own). Whether it's the shameful treatment of a group of innocent children, a case of ravenous corporate greed or perhaps some incident of intentional and remorseless poisoning of a formerly pristine piece of the environment, the questions flow in quick order:

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Monday numbers

4.26---average number of hours people in North Carolina waited in emergency rooms in 2009 (State Psychiatric Hospital Admission Delays in North Carolina. Gerald and Ann Akland, NAMI Wake County, August 6, 2010) ...
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Crucial Conversation luncheon: Latino Children in North Carolina

NC Policy Watch Crucial Conversation luncheon – July 29 – "Latino Children in North Carolina"   Latino children make up the fastest growing segment of North Carolina's child population, jumping 34 percent in just three years. As the state's ...
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Shining a needed light on elder abuse

The recent arrest and indictment of a Chapel Hill nurse on murder and other abuse charges resulting from her alleged mistreatment of nursing home patients brings to light a vexing and too often hidden problem: elder abuse. ...
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Setting the Record Straight

N.C. congressional candidate tells a whopper

American politicians of all ideological persuasions have been spouting misleading statements, half-truths and bald-faced lies since the beginning of the Republic. We've also always had our share of plain old kooks running for office. Remember Lyndon LaRouche?

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The troubling budget dance begins

The public debate about the state budget began this week with talk of ridiculous deadlines and more devastating cuts and most troubling of all both were met with what seemed like weary resignation by many lawmakers and much of the advocacy community. ...
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Medicaid: Eliminate Fraud But Keep Necessary Services

Few issues loom larger on the state public policy agenda than Medicaid - the critically important public health insurance program for low income children, seniors, and people with disabilities (as certified by a doctor). At last count, the number of people served by Medicaid was nearly 1.8 million and rising along with the unemployment rate. Medicaid's budget is one of the largest in state government - second only to the overall budget for education. ...
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More evidence of our failures in mental health

State lawmakers will receive a report on the state of the mental health system Wednesday and the news is mixed at best, some improvements in the troubled system along with startling reminders of the huge problems that remain. ...
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The danger of misreading a report

The recent report about the rising cost of Medicaid from the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research has some sobering news for policymakers, most notably that the rapid growth of the state's aging population will spur even more increases in Medicaid spending and significantly increase the percentage of the state budget that will pay for the program. ...
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Fundamental questions

The need to confront some basic issues about our mental health, developmental disabilities and substance abuse systems

Imagine you are the family member of a person who for several years (perhaps most of their life) has been the subject of a "dual diagnosis" of developmental disabilities and mental illness. Not only is your loved one mentally retarded, but they are afflicted with a mental illness that prevents them from succeeding in a wide variety of social situations (like, for instance, a group home). There are several hundred of such persons in North Carolina - many of whom were the beneficiaries of a lawsuit brought during the 1990's referred to as the "Thomas S." case.

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