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Disappointed in NC

I moved to NC because I fell in love with Charlotte; however, I have been here 1.5 years, and as an eight-year teacher, I want to quit education because of my experience here.

I am the mother of two boys and teaching in Charlotte for one year has forced me to bankruptcy.

No summer pay, no pay for my master’s, high insurance, tons of co-pays and 40 kids in one of my classes have me wondering if this state hates teachers. I can go 30 minutes to S.C. and make more as a new teacher.

Last year six teachers from my school quit or left the state.

Currently I am seeking to leave also, I will lose the little I have if I stay here. I don’t even qualify to buy a home. When a realtor saw my income, he thought it was my after-tax amount, not realizing it was my gross. He looked at me in shock because he assumed we were taken care of.