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Media Specialists teaching classes

I am not alone, but I’m using my voice now, so thanks for the soapbox.

I am a Media Specialist in a middle school that due to class sizes and mis-managed districting has to teach three regular classes a day + continue to care for the media center + handle when classes visit the media center DURING my class + all the day to day technology stuff handed to the Media Spec because most school DON’T hire technology specialists to handle it.

If it was a class of four or five kids, I probably wouldn’t complain, but I have rosters as large as 19 (not huge compared to some classes I’m sure) but I have to juggle it all.

I don’t have meaningful time to help kids find books that fit them. I don’t have time to work with teachers to create meaningful, student-centered research projects that moves them through CC standards. I don’t have time to get in to classrooms to do book talks or teach about plagiarism or research methods.

I want to be a Media Specialist again, not a teacher with a media center.