No help and no money

No help and no money

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The following is a submission from an educator as part of the Your Soapbox feature, which explores the experiences of educators in North Carolina through their own words. Check out more first person stories here, or if you are an educator, submit your own.

No help and no money

I am an assistant principal. No, I still make no money.

I have only been in education for nine years with no raise, so it didn’t out me in the next bracket for administrator pay. I have two kids, one with cerebral palsy, and my husband is also a teacher.

I watch teaching assistants cry on payday.

One tells me she loves her job, but can’t feed her own children. She doesn’t get the breaks that are required because she is in a special-needs classroom, and she refuses to leave her co-teacher alone with the class, because of the severity of their disabilities.

She told me last week she made more at Kentucky Fried Chicken. What??? Are we to this point???