Two Jobs, no future

Two Jobs, no future

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The following is a submission from an educator as part of the Your Soapbox feature, which explores the experiences of educators in North Carolina through their own words. Check out more first person stories here, or if you are an educator, submit your own.

Two Jobs, no future

After eight years and a master’s degree in NC, I make 43K a year. I actually make more than many because of the county I live in but still qualify for food stamps based on my family size. We haven’t applied yet, we’re not proud, just figure if you can pay, you should.  

I have a five year old, the sweetest little girl in the world. She wants to dance, do gymnastics and take art classes. 

We have a mortgage, student loans, car payments, you know the drill. So I got a second job. 

I hope that I made the right decision, because on those nights that I get home with barely enough time to read a story or get some snuggle time, I wonder. 

When my daughter gets up early in the morning so that she can spend some time with me before I go off to direct a musical for other people’s children, one that I DO NOT get compensated for, I wonder if it is all worth it. 

And then I think that I did all this so not only my child, but so all the children I work with, can do something special. I did it so they can dance.