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Two Jobs, no future

After eight years and a master’s degree in NC, I make 43K a year. I actually make more than many because of the county I live in but still qualify for food stamps based on my family size. We haven’t applied yet, we’re not proud, just figure if you can pay, you should.  

I have a five year old, the sweetest little girl in the world. She wants to dance, do gymnastics and take art classes. 

We have a mortgage, student loans, car payments, you know the drill. So I got a second job. 

I hope that I made the right decision, because on those nights that I get home with barely enough time to read a story or get some snuggle time, I wonder. 

When my daughter gets up early in the morning so that she can spend some time with me before I go off to direct a musical for other people’s children, one that I DO NOT get compensated for, I wonder if it is all worth it. 

And then I think that I did all this so not only my child, but so all the children I work with, can do something special. I did it so they can dance.